Are You Using Healthcare CRM Software?

In recent years, Salesforce has become a significant marketing tool that many healthcare brands use. This is due to its ability to track and manage leads, create personalized experiences, and drive omnichannel support. Healthcare brands that use healthcare CRM software can increase organizational efforts within the practice while developing new leads simultaneously. In addition to all of this, Salesforce can help healthcare organizations save money by doing the work that would otherwise require significant research and resources. 

Salesforce offers a wide suite of services that can address a range of problems present in the healthcare industry. Whether your healthcare practice is just starting up it is in the stages of expanding, healthcare CRM software offers an excellent solution. With this being said, a CRM system like Salesforce can seem overwhelming as it yields extensive, diverse information regarding patient leads and research. Therefore, it is important to designate a team to then take this information and put it to use. 

At NewGen Marketing, we use Salesforce as a tool to help healthcare practices improve everything – from productivity to patient reach. Our team of modern marketing professionals understands that healthcare requires an approach different from other industries. Additionally, we ensure to fully utilize all the different tools that Salesforce has to offer. Join NewGen and join the future of healthcare. 

Patient 360

Recently, Salesforce introduced Patient 360, a new, dynamic CRM system specially designed to comply with extensive healthcare regulations. Unlike existing healthcare CRM software, Patient 360 gathers and stores information while remaining HIPAA-compliant. An industry-compliant system like Patient 360 can help your team accomplish an array of goals that before might’ve seemed out of reach. 

In addition to internal solutions, Salesforce offers attractive patient-facing benefits as well. Healthcare is such a large industry because it is something that everyone needs. Therefore, it is important to understand that different generations prefer different communication channels. If your healthcare practice wants to successfully reach different populations, you must ensure you are looking in the right places. 

Salesforce offers many benefits to patients. Most importantly, Patient 360 encourages patients to play a more active role in their health and treatment. In the past, it was difficult to obtain medical information and make requests. However, this new software puts everything in one place, allowing patients to locate files, request refills, and schedule appointments all in one convenient location. 

The Benefits of Using Healthcare CRM Software

  1. Offer Multi-Channel Support. Reach all populations of patients by meeting them where they already are. Salesforce allows care coordinators to reach patients in the most convenient channel. Gone are the days of waiting in lengthy call lines, and in are the days of efficiency and productivity. Healthcare is all about improving the lives of patients, and simplifying the technical process can make a significant difference. 
  2. Optimize Call Center Operations. Healthcare CRM software can greatly improve the effectiveness of your healthcare call center. Due to plenty of provider options, patients have high expectations in terms of communicating with their healthcare providers. Therefore, your practice must have systems in place to optimize the call center experience. 
  3. Increase Accessibility. Salesforce gives patients access to their most important medical records in a convenient location. Using the Salesforce EHR system, patients are now able to locate information that would otherwise require a visit to the doctor. Optimize patient experience at your healthcare clinic by offering the most modern and dynamic technology. 

How Can NewGen Help?

NewGen Marketing is a modern media agency specializing in healthcare marketing. Our team of diverse professionals works together to offer industry-specific solutions. Whether your healthcare practice is small or it is quickly expanding, our services can effectively change the way you market your brand. 

Contact NewGen Marketing today if your healthcare practice is looking to implement a CRM system into your marketing strategy. When used correctly, a system like Salesforce could change the future of your practice.