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Social Engineering

The Fun Stuff

Social media is addicting and can help create a stunning, irresistible feed that keeps your audience engaged, represents your brand, and inspires leads to connect. Nowadays most people interact with brands over social media and look for information on these platforms for credibility and culture regardless if your practice is big or small. 87% of businesses report having an increase in exposure for their business. 

Why all the Buzz?

Social media marketing for healthcare businesses is a great way to spread content on your website, promote pages, create engagement, and followers and see what types of audiences gravitate towards your brand. Social posts help your brand with: 


  • Allows you to tap into the culture of your audience. 
  • Creates audience engagement. 
  • Gives current patients a low-stakes environment to communicate.
  • Helps to define and target your audience. 
  • Helps you develop a following. 

What We Do

We’re your social engineers. Our social media experts will design a social strategy that incorporates SEO, creates brand awareness, drives traffic to web pages, and so much more.

Our Process

Define the key elements that should be shared on social platforms.

Define the target audience.

Include web page links, blog posts, and tags for appropriate posts.

Create a content calendar.

Write post copy and creative assets (photos/gifs/video content).

Review, approve, and schedule.

If you need help with social media marketing connect with NewGen and learn about what we can do for your practice.