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Content Creation

Let’s Get Creative!

Creating regular, unique, and relevant content is essential for both attracting new visitors and satisfying search engines. Organic content will put a voice to your brand name, reel in leads, and boost SEO. From blog posts to articles to social media posts, content creation can be utilized by devising a plan based on your market niche.

Why is Great Content So Important?

Content creation helps you and your business stand out as an authoritative thought leader. Not only will it help you grow your subscribers and email list, but it will also increase your website traffic, keep your customers engaged, and generate revenue. Need we say more?

We do the Brainstorming for You.

Creating healthcare content that people care about is…complicated. If you don’t have in-house staff that can allocate time and resources to crafting creative content that sells, or if you need help with new ideas, or you’re not sure where to start, NewGen can help. We’ll do the brainstorming for you, and everything else. From the first draft to scheduling-to-send, NewGen can develop a well-rounded content strategy and execute it so you don’t have to.

Our Process

SEO and current market research

Optimize your articles, website and digital text with words that help you rank.

Develop a content calendar.

Design your content in advanced and stay on top of what your brand looks like to your audience.

Writing blog posts, and creating content based on the calendar.

Create unique content and blog articles based on the needs of your brand.

Identifying audience needs

After conducting market research, we will define what your customers needs are to target your audience.

Content tweaks, finalizations, and topic approval.

Make final editorial decisions, review content for relevance and accuracy before scheduling.

Scheduling monthly calendar content.

Stay organized and ahead of schedule by scheduling your post in advanced. 

We’re ready, are you?