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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Matters.

In a market that is becoming increasingly competitive, creating original content, managing keyword diversification, and receiving the right web visitors are crucial ways to set your company apart online. Looking for SEO help? NewGen can create new pages titles to capture your demographic and ranking, create user-accessible content, and strong calls to action for web conversions.

Why You May Need SEO Help

Not sure if you need SEO help in the first place? If you have a new company and you’re struggling to be found online, if your website traffic has recently slowed, or if you need help developing better online leads. SEO is a tool to improve website visibility, help you rank above competitors and increase organic traffic.

How SEO can help:
 – Builds links
 – Create brand voice
 – Improves visibility

What We Do

We use eye-catching images, user-friendly content, avoid keyword stuffing or content fluff and perform a detailed, step-by-step SEO process to monitor progress, make traffic changes, and optimize pages for better ranking.

Our Process

Identify keywords through competitive research.

Optimize Content and create searchable, relevant pages.

Hit technical marks: Pages titles, header tags, categories, meta descriptions, key phrases, and text excerpts.

Build a structure for how to implement keywords.

Monitor progress, revise keyword usage, understand search intent and apply cyclically.

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