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Paid Advertising

Ads. We see them everywhere from when we are browsing through Facebook to the corners of our favorite web pages. Effective ads blend art and analytics and can be found across all different digital platforms. It’s time to capitalize on advertising by increasing brand recognition, highlighting your competitive edge, and getting potential patients excited about what you offer. If you are ready to launch paid advertising but you’re unsure where to start, NewGen can help.

Why do you need ads?

From displayed advertising to banner ads, or native ads, online advertising is a crucial tool to reach the audience your brand needs. Clients need real results. It’s not enough to spend time and effort on ads that will run but don’t work. Our ads yield results.

Digital ads help to:

  • Create engagement
  • Develop brand awareness
  • Easily adjust the cost per ad
  • Strengthen your digital reach
  • Target the appropriate demographics

Is it expensive?

It certainly can be if you don’t have a clear direction! At NewGen, we make sure to get granular with your ad spend, so that way every penny is going towards the target audience YOU want to attract – instead of throwing your money away like spaghetti against the wall. Otherwise, you might find yourself filtering out more clientele you don’t want, instead of attracting those you do.

Our Process

Developing the target audience.

We work with our clients to discover the main groups of people they want to reach, down to the core. Age, occupation, gender – it all matters. 

Choose the platform.

We make sure to advertise on platforms that are relevant to your brand. It’s all about reaching the demographic that you need.

Data tracking.

Phone numbers, landings, forms – all provided so that you can see your leads right up front, the moment it happens.

Identify the message.

Whether it be selling products or selling services, we make sure that the overall info is displayed in it’s entirety in your ad directive. 

Ad creation.

We design all the ads so you don’t have to! 


We follow best practices.

No more buying shady contact lists – with our experts in the field, we can guarantee quality along with quantity. 

We’re ready, are you?