The Power of Salesforce as a Marketing Tool

Salesforce is a powerful tool in the marketing atmosphere when used to its fullest potential. It can help bridge the gap between patient and practice, allowing medical professionals to efficiently expand their patient base. With modern technology comes heightened patient expectations. Patients rely on their chosen medical professionals to make their lives easier by opening multichannel communication, storing their data and records effectively, and optimizing a personalized experience. 

How has your medical practice adapted to the technological shift over the last decade? Some medical professionals have not yet updated their medical technology due to the lofty cost, and those who have often claim they do not see a significant ROI. The difference between an unsuccessful and successful practice lies in customer service and marketing. Not only do patients expect access to modern healthcare solutions, but they also expect a great experience. 

You may wonder how your practice should keep up with these shifts while managing patients and potential leads. The answer is to utilize a CRM system to maximize the efficiency of your operations and marketing efforts. 

At NewGen Marketing, we believe in letting medical professionals be medical professionals. Whether you are looking for a team of professionals to reposition your CRM strategy or redesign your website, we have you covered. Continue reading this blog to learn more about how Salesforce can be the solution for many of your marketing and management needs. 

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company that provides companies with a 360° solution to all CRM, marketing, and sales-related operations. In a world that utilizes multiple channels during the customer acquisition process, it is imperative that professionals have a way to track and manage all patients, both current and potential. 

This is where Salesforce comes in. It allows businesses to keep all information in one convenient location. And better than that – it organizes and articulates data to give your information more meaning. 

Between social media, email, website, and referrals, your patients come from all over. With growth, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and track them. Gone are the days when your business was expected to build expensive, complicated systems to manage this, as Salesforce has offered you a solution. 

How Can Salesforce Help with Acquisition and Retention?

Although many businesses have become reliant on technology, it does not mean that a customer’s expectations for customer service have declined. Especially in healthcare, with patients as your customers, they want a customized experience that fits their medical needs. 

Salesforce offers a wide range of functions to help businesses improve functionality. Here are simplified, more condensed explanations of the different services that Salesforce offers to see if it is the right option for your practice. 

Offers Multichannel Communication with Patients

Depending on the patient, they will have a different preferred channel of communication. While older individuals may choose to set appointments in person or over the phone, younger generations appreciate the ability to communicate over text or email. By opening a variety of communication channels, your practice will reach more patients. 

Gives Patients 24/7 Access to Medical Records

When it comes to patient retention, making their lives easier should be at the forefront. Typically, patients would have to go through multiple steps to access their records or data, but Salesforce changes this. Salesforce negates the need for phone calls or office visits by opening a system for patients to access anything they need, anytime. 

Sends Effective Reminders

Your patients have many responsibilities on top of their appointments. The best way to ensure they remember is by using different channels to remind them. Over the last few years, many medical practices have begun utilizing text reminders as an eefective way to communicate with patients. By using different channels for reminders, it can help to minimize the gaps in providers’ schedules. 

Enhances Call Center Operations

Any growing medical practice should begin to consider outsourcing calls when they realize they are struggling to provide patients with personalized, exceptional care. Patients begin to lose interest in a practice when their calls are being ignored and they aren’t receiving calls back. This may even lead to them looking for alternative providers. 

In addition to patient retention, call centers offer an excellent solution for providers looking for extra lead organization and management. Salesforce technology can then further enhance these operations by providing call centers with tools for incoming and outgoing calls, report call outcomes and duration. 

How Can NewGen Help

Using Salesforce without experience can be difficult. Chances are, you won’t be able to maximize all the benefits that you are paying for. NewGen Marketing offers marketing and Salesforce guidance to medical professionals looking to expand and excel. 

We have professionals for all your marketing needs, from website design to social media help. Additionally, NewGen offers call center services for practices needing additional support with managing and acquiring clients. Don’t fall behind your competitors when it comes to patient acquisition and retention. Be one step ahead with NewGen. 

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