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Call Center

Clients are Just a Phone Call Away

Building a trusting relationship with your customers doesn’t happen automatically. Without the right type of communication, your practice will not have patient satisfaction. When a potential patient picks up the phone and speaks to a representative of your brand, it’s crucial that they are attentive and up-to-date with positive, on-brand information that guides them and creates a stellar patient experience.

Why You Might Need Help

The volume of your calls may be too much for the staff you have on hand if you don’t have a system to convert quality leads into patients or you have plans to expand and want a professional service with specific touchpoint interactions. Regardless of your needs, outsourcing your calls comes with various benefits. A few benefits of having a call center includes: 


  • Centralized information center at a lower cost.
  • Easy access to service data.
  • Improved communication and messaging.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

The Modern Healthcare Call Center

Improve your patient experience with NewGen and find a call center dedicated to strengthening your practice. Poor customer service is the number one reason why most people feel uncomfortable with the healthcare industry. NewGen can change that. Our focus is on call and patient satisfaction, where we focus on personalized provider interactions, include actionable insight based on caller data, and continuously adopt a better experience. 

Our Process

Create a single platform contact center

Source contact information, design multi-teared response system.

Omnichannel support

Phone, email, chat, text message and social media response support.

Execution and Monitoring

Activate the call center plan and assess what needs updating.

Healthcare integrations

Track patient interactions and analyze metrics.

Response and Protocol

Improve patient retntion by curating strong response and protecol based on patient expectation. 

To learn more about how NewGen can help with a central call center, contact us today.