Your website is your most valuable online asset. It’s where visitors come to find out more about you and decide if you’re trustworthy enough to hold their health and well-being in your hands. The website is where the majority of new patients will see your name for the first time. 

So a good impression is crucial. Does your health care website design include the content first-time and returning visitors are looking for when evaluating your brand, products and services? Keep reading to learn the eight pages your health care company needs to get visitors hooked and keep them coming back for more. 

1. Homepage

The homepage is the face of your website and the first impression visitors will get of your brand. You won’t have long to hook your visitors when they land on your site — at most, you’ll have a few seconds before they decide to look elsewhere or dig deeper into your website. To ensure the second outcome, make sure your homepage is visually appealing and has your main value proposition and primary services front and center.  

Clean, clear organization is another must-have for the homepage. If visitors are attracted by your health care website design and engaging copy, make sure they can easily find and navigate to other pages on your website for more information. 

2. About Us

The “about us” page is one of the most important pages on your website, although many companies don’t realize it. According to statistics from KoMarketing, 52% of visitors want to see “about us” information once they’re on the website. This is a fantastic place to start building customers’ trust by telling them more about your organization and what makes your brand unique. 

Your “about us” content should be warm, friendly and engaging. Visitors click over to this page because they’re looking for a meaningful connection with your brand — they want to know that you understand what they’re going through. This is an excellent place to clearly state your mission, brand promise and core values to start building a trustworthy relationship with new visitors. 

3. Services

Make sure you’re giving visitors what they really want — statistics from KoMarketing show that 47% of visitors look at a company’s products/services page(s) before looking at any other section of the website. During the research phase of the decision-making process, potential new patients will be visiting your website to determine if you have the right solutions to address their problems. You can gain credibility and confidence among visitors by providing educational, helpful content about the services you offer.

If you have multiple services, consider making a new website page for each one. By doing so, you can promote in-depth, focused content to help visitors make an informed decision. Service pages are also an excellent place to drop rich, relevant keywords that your audience is searching for in Google (or another search engine).     

4. FAQs

A relevant, helpful FAQ page holds immense value for visitors and new patients perusing your website. It’s a great way to get useful information in front of patients and relieve your office staff from answering commonly asked questions over and over. New patients will appreciate your transparency and feel more prepared knowing what to expect from your medical practice.

The majority of patients want to know about billing, insurance, payment plans, procedure processes, how to schedule/cancel appointments and how to request medical records. Pay attention to the questions you hear most often from patients and use that information to flesh out your FAQ page. Make sure your page is well-organized and easy to navigate, especially if you have a lot of questions on multiple subjects.

5. Physician Bios

Many people feel nervous or anxious before seeing a health care provider — especially a new one. Having physician bios on your website can help new patients feel more comfortable entrusting their health and well-being into the hands of a stranger. Your brand can increase credibility and trustworthiness by demonstrating that your providers are highly qualified, compassionate and caring.  

Make sure each physician bio includes the provider’s educational background, certifications and licenses, and areas of specialty. And don’t forget to include a professional headshot!  

6. Patient Testimonials

Let your success speak for itself. Patient testimonials are an authentic and engaging way to gain new patients’ trust and showcase your brand in its best light. They’re incredibly persuasive because people trust online reviews and opinions just as much as they trust personal recommendations from friends and family. What’s more, a study by NRC Health shows that 83.3% of patients trust online reviews more than they trust personal recommendations.  

Get started here: How to Create Captivating Patient Testimonials for Your Health Care Website

7. Contact Us

Make sure your patients and potential new patients know how to reach you. We recommend having several options for visitors to get in touch: a phone number, email address, a fillable online form. Visitors can choose the option that feels most comfortable for them.

Don’t forget to include your business hours and physical location as well. Not only does listing a local brick and mortar address build credibility among potential new customers, but location is a primary factor for patients choosing a health care provider. We recommend adding a live Google Map to the contact page for visitors to easily see how far you are from them. 

8. Blog

Blogging is a valuable component in a content marketing strategy, especially for health care companies. Publishing consistent, relevant and useful content helps you demonstrate credibility and expertise in your field. And for new patients visiting your website, reading blogs is a great way to learn more about your products, services and experience. 

Blogging helps your company build a trusting patient-provider relationship, demonstrate authority and increase your brand presence online. And don’t forget that SEO-optimized, relevant blogs with valuable keywords can improve your search engine rankings on Google and other search engines. Performing well in search engine results drives increased quality traffic to your site. 

Not sure where to start with blogging? Take a look at your FAQs page and turn each question into an in-depth blog post.  

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