In many cases, your health care website is the first place patients interact with your brand, services, products and medical providers. While your marketing team is optimizing the home page and cranking out relevant blogs to engage patients, leave some time to work on an oft-overlooked (but crucial) website page: the physician bio.

First impressions are everything in the marketing world, so make sure your patients leave your site with a positive impression of the talented and caring doctors responsible for their health and well-being. Keep reading to learn more about why doctor bios are important and how you can take yours from average to exceptional.   

Why Is a Physician Bio Important?

Today, we’re long past the age of patients choosing the first health care provider they find in the phone book. With more tools than ever at their disposal, patients are researching brands, services and physicians before making a decision to receive health care. And when it comes to choosing the right doctor, it’s about more than base qualifications. While experience and expertise are important, patients are also reading physician bios to gain insight into who their doctor is as a person and caregiver. They value trustworthiness, compassion and a warm bedside manner just as much as they value technical skills and education. 

A doctor bio is where your health care website can showcase all this and more. Keep reading for 5 tips on how to craft a doctor bio that will capture readers’ attention, build credibility and trustworthiness and compel patients to make an appointment.   

5 Tips for Crafting a Standout Physician Bio.

  1. Demonstrate credibility. When searching for a new health care provider, one of the top questions patients are asking themselves is: How is this doctor qualified to treat my condition? The physician bio on your website should aim to clearly demonstrate credibility by including information about education, certifications and areas of specialty. You can further demonstrate credibility by listing awards, published research, industry memberships, number of years in practice and number of procedures performed. Choosing a health care provider is no easy decision, and patients want to ensure they’re entrusting their health and well-being into experienced hands.  
  1. Use visuals. Always include a clear, professional-looking headshot in your bio so patients can put a face to the name before their first appointment. Including a video bio or a short video interview are even better ways to connect and engage with patients researching doctors online. Videos are a great way for patients to gain valuable insight into a physician’s warmth, personality and communication skills before choosing a provider.  
  1. Add the human touch. Keep in mind that seeking medical care is a huge and sometimes frightening choice for patients. Aside from cut-and-dry qualifications, patients are looking for a provider they can feel comfortable with. Make space in the bio for content that appeals to patients’ emotional decision-making process. Include real quotes from physicians about why they love their work, their patient care philosophies or what patients can expect during a typical visit. Sprinkle in a few fun, personal facts if the physician is willing. Patients want to know who their doctor is as a person, not just as a provider.       
  1. Include reviews and testimonials. Including patient ratings, reviews and testimonials (or the link to the review site) directly on the bio page helps build immediate trustworthiness for patients looking for a new provider. According to one study, 34.7% of patients said their doctor’s online reputation was very important. Further, 59.9% of patients reported choosing a doctor based on positive reviews and 60.8% of patients reported avoiding a doctor based on negative reviews. Today, online ratings and reviews have as much influence as a personal recommendation, so showcase good reviews loud and proud on your health care website.    
  1. Provide an actionable next step. Make sure patients know what to do next after reading the physician bio. Include a clear contact number or link to schedule an online appointment. If patients like what they read, make it easy and seamless for them to take the next logical step and schedule an appointment.  

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