The Future of Healthcare is Now

The healthcare industry is quickly changing, and this shift is not slowing down anytime soon. As more and more modern healthcare brands begin making healthcare services available online, it becomes increasingly important for yours to follow suit. Although you should refrain from converting to a fully-virtual practice, there are other ideas on how you can still modernize your brand. Depending on your goals, there are a variety of ways you can make your services more accessible and effective for your patients. As we all know, an optimized, functional practice results in more patients. 

At NewGen Marketing, we understand the difficulties that come with maintaining a functional practice through industry changes. However, NewGen is always one step ahead, allowing us to help healthcare brands do the same. Join NewGen and join the future of healthcare marketing.

Looking for External Examples

When trying to revitalize your healthcare brand, looking to others for inspiration can be a huge help. There are a few notable modern healthcare brands that are offering fresh, new ideas that consumers have been loving. By gathering inspiration from these brands, you can use them to elevate your services, making them more accessible to a broader audience. 

Each of these modern healthcare brands offer unique services that make them attractive to audiences for different reasons. In this new age of healthcare, patients are looking for two main qualities – accessibility and transparency. ZocDoc, Cost Plus Drugs, and Ro.Co have introduced a fresh set of services to the healthcare realm that are reinventing the industry as we know it. Continue reading to learn more about what you can learn from these modern healthcare brands redefining the standard of healthcare.


ZocDoc is an online service that allows individuals to connect with healthcare practices. Between location and insurance, it can sometimes be difficult to find a practice that matches your needs. ZocDoc offers a solution to this issue by providing a service for patients to find the perfect provider. Unlike many aspects of the healthcare industry, ZocDoc follows a model that prioritizes the patient and gives them power. 

This successful service has made quite an impact in the industry and is encouraging patients to heighten their expectations when it comes to healthcare. As millions of patients are using this service annually to connect with doctors, it is important that healthcare practices are prepared for the shift. 

You may be wondering how your practice can use this information for improvement. The most important factor of this strategy is the brand’s willingness to make everything more accessible for the patient. The easier it is for patients to navigate and utilize a website – the more likely they are to use it. By optimizing your website for patients to make the process easier, your website will grow substantially. 

In addition to accessibility, ZocDoc offers a formula that helps patients connect with doctors. By offering information to users based on location, insurance, or price, they are more likely to continue inquiring about your services.

Cost Plus Drugs

You might have heard about Cost Plus Drugs in the last year, created by the famous Mark Cuban. This business model provides patients with affordable and fairly priced medications. As the healthcare industry is shifting, more patients are prioritizing transparency – and that is exactly what cost plus is giving. 

When patients are looking for their prescriptions, Cost Plus Drugs shares the exact price and will then mark it up by only 15%. This allows thems to make a profit without costing the patients as much as traditional pharmaceutical companies. In addition to saving patients money, Cost Plus Drugs is also disrupting the healthcare industry as we know it, ultimately encouraging other brands to implement fresh ideas to increase transparency.

Although Cost Plus Drugs is unique from other healthcare models, there are certain ideas we can take from it. First – it gives consumers an inside look into the cost of their prescriptions without the significant markup. This transparency is exactly what consumers are looking for in a healthcare brand. Cost Plus Drugs is setting the industry example by breaking traditional models and encouraging other healthcare brands to follow suit.


Ro is a modern telehealth company that is bringing medical solutions into the home. This makes it easier for a larger range of patients to have access to quality healthcare. The service works by connecting patients with a licensed healthcare professional who can help with at-home diagnostic testing. Depending on the results, the patient can then make a more informed decision regarding any necessary prescriptions.

This at-home healthcare model opens the door for more modern healthcare brands to do the same. Even offering smaller services virtually can be a significant help for a large number of patients. During COVID-19, many brands began offering virtual appointments to increase accessibility amongst patients who could not go into the clinic. Now, this at-home option is great for individuals who don’t have time or do not feel comfortable visiting a clinic.

Upgrading Your Marketing Strategy with NewGen Marketing

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