The digital marketing scene has become increasingly competitive and the same can be said for healthcare. Every healthcare brand is vying for the attention of patients and is doing everything it can to do so. This ranges from content creation to social media campaigns, and much more. But the single best thing a brand can do to stand out is to revamp its healthcare web design. 

NewGen is a premier healthcare marketing firm dedicated to helping healthcare brands achieve their marketing goals. Our dedicated team is capable and well-versed in healthcare marketing and we handle anything from a call center to content creation, to healthcare web design.  

Why is a Healthcare Website so Important

Think of your healthcare website as the face of your brand. When people think of your brand the first thing that will come to mind is your website. In addition, everything concerning your brand can be found on your website. Your brand’s content, your doctors, social media campaigns, contact information, and your mission statement are all on your website for current leads and new leads to view. 

When it comes to new leads having a website that is easy to navigate and eye-catching is your best bet for turning new leads into long-standing patients. Having proper content management is another way for your website to remain engaging with longstanding patients. 

12 Web Design Tips for Your Website

Web design in general is a complex process and having an efficient website takes a lot of time and testing the waters to see what works and what doesn’t. 

1. Enhanced User Experience 

User experience is perhaps the single most important aspect of healthcare web design. If your website is buggy, slow, or hard to navigate, your brand website will get negative responses from current leads and new leads. Time is valuable to your patients. They want to get the information they need when they need it the fastest way possible. 

2. Optimized for Mobile Devices

There will be many instances where new leads will find out about your brand through their phone rather than a desktop. Due to this, it is important to optimize your website and design it in a way that looks good on both desktop and mobile. 

Something that can help with this is having your team test out the website on mobile to catch any errors or if anything can be improved upon. If a new lead has a hard time navigating your website on a mobile device they are not likely to stay on your brand’s website. 

3. Fresh, Up to Date, Engaging Content

The type of content you put out matters. If your content is outdated or irrelevant to your brand it won’t rank well in search engines. Updating your content with relevant information while also providing new, refreshing content not only makes your site more engaging but it shows your target audience that your brand pays close attention to the digital marketing space and acts accordingly to it. 

Content doesn’t come from just anywhere. It has to be carefully planned out and executed. Consistency and quality are two important elements needed for quality content. Be sure your team is on board and aware of the content management of your brand so that content is on time and reflects the quality you desire. 

4. SEO Optimized

What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the process of enhancing your website to rank better on search engines such as Google. This is crucial to gaining new leads and growing your brand. Efficient SEO will bring organic traffic to your website. If you want your brand to keep growing, consider modeling your website with SEO web design in mind.  

5. Promote and Build Your Brand

The goal of your website is to promote and build your brand. If it doesn’t accomplish either of these, you should consider revamping it. Some examples of promoting your brand website include addressing new or current services you offer. If you are opening a new facility that is also a good example of ways you can promote your brand through your website. 

6. HIPAA Compliance

The purpose of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is to ensure that your patient’s information is safe. HIPAA compliance shows that you value your patients’ information and that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure their information is safe. 

This is a necessary step for all healthcare brands. All of your patients’ information can be accessed online so making sure it is safe is crucial to your brand’s image. 

7. Patient Testimonials

If you have positive patient testimonials, it is crucial to showcase them on your website. When a user comes across your website and sees good testimonials benefits your brand’s image. This in turn makes it more likely for a new lead to trust your website and brand. This has a similar effect to word of mouth. Individuals are more likely to support and trust a brand that another person supports. 

8. Visible CTA

CTA stands for Call to Action. This can vary amongst healthcare brands but generally, most healthcare brands want their patients to put in their information to schedule an appointment. Having a clear CTA is beneficial to your audience for the following reason. If you put out a blog about a spine condition and offer treatment for it and a new user comes across your brand having a clear CTA on all your website pages makes it more likely for new and current users to sign up and schedule an appointment. 

9. Internal Search Function

An internal search function is crucial for several reasons. If your audience can search up their condition on your website and the results that populate answer their questions this makes their overall experience with your website much better. When someone can find all the information they need on your website it keeps your audience engaged with your website and they won’t feel the need to check other websites for said information. This in turn helps your website rank well in search results. 

10. Newsletter Sign Up

Newsletters are a great way to engage your audience. A monthly newsletter keeps your patients informed of your brand but it also shows that your brand values communication with your audience. Even if your audience is not using your brand’s services year-round, a newsletter serves as somewhat of a reminder to your audience that your brand is willing to meet the needs of your audience. 

11. Attractive Website

When a new lead comes across your website, they are more likely to stay on the website not just for the content but if it looks professional. A lot of planning and thinking goes into creating an attractive website. Concepts such as color theory, your brand’s image, and brand color are just a few factors that must be considered when designing a website. 

12. Communicating Your Brand’s Vision Through Web Design

Having a website that looks and feels nice is important but it is essential to maintain your brand’s vision throughout. Revamping your website for the better is a good step in the right direction to having an effective web design but be sure that your brand’s vision is not lost along the way. It is better to have a clear vision than pretty colors. If you have a beautiful website but lack a clear vision, users may have a hard time understanding the type of brand you are. 

Why Choose NewGen

As a healthcare marketing agency, NewGen Marketing helps healthcare brands achieve their marketing goals. Our team is dedicated to providing healthcare marketing solutions for any needs. The range of services NewGen offers includes web design, search engine optimization, and quality content. You can count on us to provide you with a comprehensive marketing strategy that is both realistic and achievable while also maintaining your brand’s vision. 
Contact us today if you have any questions about NewGen or other general marketing questions. We are more than happy to help you with all your healthcare marketing needs.