The Healthcare Marketing Industry is Changing.

The healthcare industry is projected to make huge strides this year, and luckily, this is something we all could have predicted. Each year, as significant developments are made in healthcare, practices must adapt and learn to change their marketing strategies. Although we might not realize it, healthcare has become an entirely new industry since the days before the pandemic. Now, patients are expecting more accessible healthcare, which includes telehealth availability and easier access to appointments. 

You may be wondering – has the new year affected the way brands will choose to advertise? The answer is absolutely. As different advancements are made, it influences a chain reaction among industry leaders. The smallest of changes can inspire an entirely new medical marketing style that smaller brands are not yet familiar with. With this being said, brands can not give up and be left behind to the strategies they used back in 2020. Therefore, we have created a guide on what to expect from the healthcare industry, as far as advertising goes, in 2023. 

At NewGen Marketing, our overall goal is to provide healthcare professionals with modern marketing resources and tools. Whether your brand is expanding or you are looking to build one from the ground up, NewGen offers services for you. With the new year in full swing, you likely have considered modernizing some aspects of your brand. If you are unsure of where to begin, start by checking out NewGen’s tips for healthcare advertising in 2023. 

Healthcare Marketing is Everywhere. Literally.

In the digital realm, healthcare marketing seems to be inescapable. Whether you are checking your email or scrolling through social media, it is very likely you will see hints of medical marketing wherever you go. While many medical brands have adapted to this new normal, some traditional practices have been left behind. Some practices that are strictly reliant on referrals may be running swiftly now, but it is unclear what the future will be. Therefore, your brand must utilize a comprehensive marketing strategy so you are prepared for anything. Although healthcare marketing envelopes many things, you can begin by considering some of our suggestions. 

Video Content Takes the Cake. 

Ever since the rise of Tiktok, you may have noticed that videos are being pushed on platforms. Now, more social media brands are looking to video as it grabs more engagement than traditional content. On Instagram, reels have become increasingly popular amongst bigger creators, and they see 40% more engagement than photos. Instagram reels are a popular way to increase brand awareness while targeting a specific audience. 

When it comes to using reels as a healthcare professional, your goal should always be to spread awareness and educate. Although your content may not match up with lots of the other lighthearted and humorous content on reels, you should never compromise your professionalism. 

Let’s Get Personal. 

Personalized email content has become a crucial communication tool in the marketing world. This allows marketers to send individualized content to their patients. Not only will this increase sales, but it also allows patients to only see messages that apply directly to them. For example, if you are encouraging your patients to schedule a follow-up appointment, a CRM system can track time and send out the email at an appropriate time. 

Personalized email marketing is showing impressive results. So much so that the healthcare professionals using them are seeing 6x higher transaction rates. With this being a new option to you, it is important to remember a few friendly tips before sending out any personalized mail. 

  • Do not spam patients.
  • Provide links with the next steps.
  • Keep it simple and short. 

Reviews and Testimonials Hold the Power. 

As we all know, word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to the spread of information, and reviews and testimonials are a close second behind. After a patient’s appointment, encouraging them to write a review is the best decision you can make for your brand. These can be very effective on your Google Business profile, and they can also be used as content for your social media platforms. This will give inquiring patients a closer look into what a visit to your practice may look like. Check out NewGen’s blog on the importance of testimonials and reviews here to learn more. 

Get Ahead with NewGen Marketing

NewGen is a modern marketing agency specializing in healthcare marketing. We understand that marketing for healthcare can be a difficult process, especially because it takes a specific approach. Therefore, it is our goal to provide healthcare professionals with all the resources necessary to allow them to expand successfully. 

Whether your practice is looking to expand or needs help starting from the ground up, NewGen has services for you. We offer call center assistance, social media management, content creation, and general marketing management. With NewGen, you will be able to see a significant increase in engagement. Contact us today to learn more.