Like any business trying to survive, your primary goals are to acquire new customers, convert them and build a loyal customer base that helps support sustainable growth. And there’s a shared denominator driving these goals: a robust marketing plan.

As your business continues to grow and change, your marketing needs to grow and change with it. And there’s no better partner to have than a reputable marketing agency with experience in building and sustaining a flexible, multifaceted marketing plan. As a tumultuous 2020 comes to an end, now is the time to re-evaluate your marketing needs and prepare for a new year. Keep reading to learn 4 signs it’s time to hire a marketing agency for help.  

1. When You Don’t Know Where to Begin

DIY marketing can quickly become an overwhelming endeavour when you don’t speak the language. Additionally, trying to engineer a cohesive marketing plan while running a business can quickly land you over your head. Successful marketing and advertising for customer acquisition, conversions and sustainable growth involves more than having a website and social media to promote your business. 

Marketing agencies are industry experts with specialized knowledge, skills, tools and expertise in all things marketing. Among other things, an agency will manage the key components that drive successful marketing efforts:

  • Industry knowledge
  • Long-term vision and strategy
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Software tools and platforms
  • Website design and optimization
  • Content development and distribution
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • On-site and technical SEO
  • Data analysis and reporting  

From the moment you hire a marketing agency, they’re ready to jump in and get to work with the skillset and know-how necessary to whip your marketing efforts into a well-oiled machine generating new leads, conversions and sales for your business.  

2. When You Need Quality Content

Many businesses start off thinking they can do it all, especially when it comes to content marketing. While it may not sound like much to write a blog every week or spend 5 minutes making a social media post, it’s easy for these tasks to fall through the cracks when you have a whole business to run day in and day out.

Your online presence is crucial right now; customers are researching, comparing, reviewing and purchasing products and services, all online. In order to stay top of mind and compete, your brand needs to consistently post fresh content to attract and engage customers.

And that’s where a marketing agency comes in. An agency has a team dedicated to researching, publishing and sharing blogs, crafting engaging social media posts, writing compelling landing page copy, and sending targeted email campaigns. Valuable, relevant and consistent content creation and distribution is an essential part of finding and retaining customers.

3. When Leads and Conversions Are Sluggish

Here’s one common problem we see from companies that take a DIY approach to marketing: they throw everything at the wall and hope that something sticks. More marketing doesn’t necessarily result in more quality leads and conversions. If you’re marketing in several different areas  — like paid social ads, paid search engine ads, TV ads and magazine advertorials — but don’t know how to track and interpret the metrics from your campaigns, you end up wasting marketing spend and resources on hit or miss results. 

A performance-driven agency like NewGen Marketing ensures that your valuable dollars are going toward marketing campaigns that drive new quality leads and sales into your business. An agency team determines where your target audience is looking and where your advertising efforts are most effective. A performance-driven agency will allocate more money and resources into media channels driving quality results, track campaigns from start to finish to identify where leads and conversions are generating, and suggest adjustments to make campaigns more effective.  

4. When You Don’t Have the Money for an In-House Team

One common misconception we hear is that it’s more cost-effective to hire an in-house marketing expert rather than an agency. However, a closer look at the cost breakdown proves that may not be true. Even before your new employee begins, your company will have to spend time and resources on the recruitment and hiring process. Once you make a hiring decision, training can take several weeks or months before the new marketing employee is ready to independently bear the full responsibilities of the position. Your company will then be responsible for a competitive salary, payroll taxes, health insurance, disability insurance, a retirement plan, PTO and sick days on a yearly basis.

And those are just the costs for one person. A well-rounded marketing team usually requires hiring several people with skills and expertise in specialized areas, like copywriting, social media, paid advertising, strategy and more. Not only that, you’ll have to pay full price for the software solutions and other tools your team will need to run and track campaigns.    

An agency can offer you a whole team of marketing specialists for less than the cost of one full-time employee. You’ll be able to contract an agency only for the amount of time and amount of marketing you need, and there are no additional costs for benefits, PTO and training. Additionally, good agencies are composed of specialized staff members in copywriting, social media, paid advertising, SEO, analytics and strategy, who work together to keep your marketing efforts running smoothly.   

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