The healthcare industry is currently undergoing significant changes in 2023, driven by various factors such as technological integration and shifting patient demographics. Healthcare brands are reshaping their business models to improve accessibility, tap into the rapidly changing market and meet patients where they are to provide personal treatment plans. 

Changing your healthcare marketing plan can be a helpful way to maximize your chances of gaining new patients and connecting to the public. What does branding look like in the healthcare space in 2023? Meru Health, Apple Fitness Plus, and Open Care are three healthcare brands we will explore to learn more about modern healthcare. 

Read on to learn about three healthcare brands that are changing the industry, and what you can learn to improve your own healthcare practice. 

Apple Fitness Plus

About Apple Fitness: Customers can use their iPhone, apple watch, or Apple TV to subscribe and access thousands of video and audio workouts such as HIIT to Yoga or guided meditations. Subscription sign-ups are accessible through the fitness app on iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.


Why It’s Different:  This is a cheaper and easier option to utilize to prioritize health, especially for customers who already have an Apple watch. It leverages fitness tracking capabilities of the watch and can track workouts and focus on getting exercise from anywhere you happen to have an Apple product when you sign up for a subscription. Unlike most newer fitness and health programs, you don’t have to purchase a new device along with the subscription package, it allows customers to simply purchase a subscription right on the devices they already have. 

How it can help your practice: Apple started off as an American technology company and is taking the lead to dip into other industries due to its household reach. As it moves towards the health and wellness space, one element that we can learn from is that businesses can incorporate other industries into their main-selling point. Due to their Apple watch technology, they have expanded their business within the health and wellness space, with fitness. You can apply this to your own healthcare practice by asking what other services or products can you also provide for your patients in order to elevate your business and become an all-in-one service provider. 

Open Care

Open Care: A healthcare brand that makes finding a dentist under your health insurance a lot easier using a quiz. You can book online and can avoid the annoying back and forth of waiting for an appointment to open up when you call around to individual dental offices to book an appointment. The process is streamlined and can be done without chatting on the phone with anyone. 


Why It’s Different: Instead of having to do the research yourself when trying to locate a new dental practice, patients can look through reviews, based on their location, insurance, service needs, level of importance, and time frame they would like the appointment to be done by. This is an ideal service for a newer generation of patients who are more likely to want to book online and rely on reviews. 

How It Can Help Your Practice: 

Your healthcare practice can utilize the principles that Open Care has mastered in order to leverage your brand. You can do this by focusing on how to digitalize the basics of your practice such as appointment scheduling, forms and insurance information, and much more. 

Meru Health

Meru: This healthcare brand is a personalized and flexible mental health care program that is done through video calls and chats. Meru Healthcare is a highly regarded healthcare institution that specializes in providing therapy sessions conveniently over the phone. The approach they’ve taken has gained a loyal group of followers who prefer therapy sessions conducted over the phone, finding it to be a more comfortable and convenient option. With a strong focus on patient well-being, Meru Healthcare offers comprehensive and personalized care to its patients. The organization consists of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals who are dedicated to delivering excellent healthcare services. 


Why It’s Different: Meru brings accessibility to traditional therapy by creating a mental health program that lasts 12 weeks and may be covered by patients’ insurance. Patients are offered self-paced lessons, have access to a dedicated therapist, and even have a wearable device that will monitor and trace their biomarkers to keep track of emotional and physical changes in the body. 

It also focuses on creating ease of access for providers and also supporting employers who want to skip the vendor process and directly sign up for employment coverage.

How It Can Help Your Practice: 

Meru starts off with a great digital presence, by presenting the brand with a beautiful and modern website that is inviting to new leads. Focusing on modern and easy-to-navigate web pages that invite your audience to explore. 

Meru also teaches us how to tap into the new wave of technological innovations and processes for the generations that are currently online through at-home therapy sessions. Instead of traditionally having patients appear in person at the practice, this service can help anyone from anywhere they are with a phone call. Tapping into modernizing your practice and offering easy-to-access modes of communication and care is a great way to utilize this technique. 

This brand hits multiple demographics: individuals, employers, health plans, and providers reaching a range of b2b and bc audiences. This is a great way to optimize and diversify your services or products and broaden your network connections. This can be done by LinkedIn outreach to connect with healthcare marketing professionals and connecting to patients and clients by reaching out through consumer platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.  

When it comes to improving your own healthcare brand, it’s crucial to take a cue from other successful brands in the industry. Observing and studying other healthcare brands can provide valuable insights into strategies that work and areas for improvement. By analyzing their healthcare marketing efforts, you can identify innovative ways to connect with your target audience, enhance brand visibility, and differentiate yourself from competitors. 

Additionally, examining how other brands approach patient care can aid in shaping your own service delivery model and refining processes. Learning from their successes and failures allows for a more holistic understanding of the industry landscape, enabling you to adapt strategically in an ever-evolving healthcare environment. Ultimately, incorporating lessons learned from other healthcare brands positions your own brand for growth, profitability, and increased patient satisfaction. Open Care, Meru, and Apple Fitness are three examples of what healthcare brands that are setting the stage for successful industry change. 

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