The Intersection of Healthcare, Marketing, and Healthcare Tech

The integration of healthcare, marketing, and healthcare tech has opened up a range of opportunities for healthcare providers to improve their services and communication strategies. In addition to simplifying the care process, technology can also dramatically improve the patient experience. Through artificial intelligence (AI), surgical advancements, and big data analytics, the future of healthcare looks nearly unrecognizable.

You may be wondering, as a healthcare marketer, what you can do to use this technology to improve the functionality of your practice. Unfortunately, there is no specific way to go about incorporating modern technology into your marketing strategy. Healthcare tech is constantly evolving and it is almost impossible to always utilize the latest findings. Therefore, we have created a guide to the most effective and important healthcare tech that your practice should not skip out on. 

NewGen Marketing is a modern healthcare marketing agency helping healthcare brands become industry leaders. We understand that the world of healthcare marketing is oversaturated, but we have found a simple solution to this frustrating hurdle. Our team of marketers, content creators, and patient care coordinators understand what patients are looking for most – efficiency and quality care. We put patient satisfaction at the forefront of our endeavors. Continue reading to learn more about using healthcare tech to improve your marketing strategy, acquire more patients, and simplify operations at your practice.

The Role of Healthcare Technology in Improving Patient Outcomes

The rise of healthcare tech has changed the way patients are acquired, cared for, and treated. With advancements such as telemedicine, wearable devices, and electronic health records, caring for patients is more streamlined than ever before. Telemedicine allows patients to meet with their healthcare provider virtually, without the need for an in-person visit. This is ideal for patients with tight schedules and those who live far distances from quality care providers. Telehealth has been around for a while, but it became more common during COVID-19 when patients could not go see their doctor in person. In addition to being more accessible for the patient, telehealth appointments are significantly less costly for the practice as well. By offering telehealth appointments, your practice will be accessible to a wider range of individuals. 

Wearable devices including smartwatches and monitors collect real-time data and can share the information with your healthcare provider. These technological innovations not only enhance patient care but also contribute to preventative medicine by facilitating early detection of diseases and promoting healthier lifestyles. Now, more patients with chronic diseases can ensure they’re safe from anywhere. 

Electronic health records (EHR) provide a seamless way of documenting patient information, reducing errors, and connecting with other providers. Additionally, EHRs can help healthcare providers track medical records over a long period of time. If they notice any irregularities or alarming changes, they can use this to detect serious illnesses and conditions. Modern healthcare technology can improve each step of the treatment process. By removing the common barrier between patient and practice, the quality of healthcare can exponentially improve. 

The Incoming Flood of AI Tools

The use of artificial intelligence has the potential to change the healthcare industry entirely. AI offers solutions related to marketing and the patient care process. In addition to providing purposeful information, AI can help healthcare practices save money by automating tasks and creating quality content. 

Artificial intelligence offers many benefits to healthcare marketers during patient acquisition. This technology can identify ideal leads by gathering and analyzing information relating to demographics, search history, and health status. This information is incredibly useful and offers marketers a simple, affordable option when looking to grow their business. Additionally, AI technology can help healthcare marketers create more effective and purposeful strategies by considering their audience and their most used platforms. 

Artificial intelligence can be used during the patient’s treatment process as well. Although AI can never replace the knowledge and care possessed by a healthcare professional, it can offer valuable information. AI-powered systems can assist doctors in interpreting medical images, offering preliminary diagnoses, and more. 

Upgrading Your Healthcare Tech with NewGen

Our team at NewGen Marketing understands the importance of maintaining a modern marketing strategy. Although new technology comes fast, staying up-to-date is a crucial part of growing your healthcare brand while maintaining patient satisfaction. There are a few ways that NewGen utilizes new technology to ensure practices are running as smoothly as possible.

A CRM system, also known as a customer relationship management system, is vital for modern healthcare brands. The purpose of a healthcare CRM system is to manage patient information, track leads and interactions, and streamline processes. NewGen uses CRM systems to help practices develop intentional marketing strategies and increase patient leads. Without a dedicated team to understand the data provided by CRM systems, they do not offer the same benefits. Partner with NewGen and unlock a new level of possibilities to grow your practice. 

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