Contextual Marketing for Healthcare

Are you finding it difficult to reach patients in the right audience at the right time? This is one of the biggest challenges present when acquiring new leads. Between time and placement, it’s hard to find the patients that you are looking for. However, contextual marketing might offer a solution to these challenges. This newer form of marketing focuses on digitally targeting audiences based on what they are searching for at that moment. An example of contextual marketing could be an advertisement for physical therapy on a webpage discussing back pain. This is more effective than traditional targeting because it meets the patient in a relevant online location. This algorithm takes into account keywords, website content, and other significant data.

When patients are searching for medical solutions, they want them at a specific time. Although all forms of digital marketing are great, it is not always effective if the patient does not want to access certain content at a certain time. Since contextual marketing is a newer form, many brands are not using it to its fullest potential. In this article we will discuss the power of contextual marketing and how you can use it to advertise your healthcare brand. 

Understanding Your Target Audience and Their Needs

Understanding your audience and their needs is paramount in any successful communication strategy. Before crafting any message, you must research your target audience to determine their preferences, interests, and communication style. Analyze their past behavior, purchasing patterns, or demographic data to identify common characteristics. By doing so, you can tailor your content to address their interests and speak directly to them through relatable anecdotes and industry-specific references. It’s also crucial to consider the context of their communication – are they busy professionals without much time for lengthy emails? Or do they respond well to detailed information presented formally? Ultimately, understanding your audience allows you to establish trust by demonstrating that you understand their needs and are committed to providing value on an ongoing basis.

Knowing your audience is especially important when marketing for healthcare due to its broad range of demographics. Everyone needs healthcare. This can make it sometimes difficult for marketers to determine the most effective audience to target. Creating specific, intentional advertisements can help you narrow down a target audience. For example, physical therapy services may be targeted toward athletic individuals or older folks. Whereas therapy services may be received better by younger audiences. Ultimately, the audience you want to reach should be determined based on the specific advertisement.

Contextual Marketing on Social Media

Social media platforms provide a wealth of data about user demographics, interests, location, search history, and interactions. This allows businesses to measure user engagement with their content in real-time. Common examples of contextual marketing on social media include sponsored posts or advertisements tailored to run to match a user’s recent search or engagement history. 

One way to excel in contextual marketing on social media is through utilizing internet trends in your advertisements. By adapting to what is popular at the time, your content will resonate with a larger population of social media users. Social media users no longer want to see traditional advertisements on their timeline, and if they do they will likely scroll past them. Modernizing your ad content and making it match the content your audience typically consumes will make it more attractive to your ideal population. 

Implementing Contextual Marketing Into Your Marketing Strategy

As any good marketer knows, a multi-channel approach is necessary for substantial growth. Contextual marketing is only effective if it can bring consumers to an optimized website or a developed social media page. Before creating marketing campaigns to attract new followers or website visitors, it is important to first develop these platforms. 

In addition to built-out business accounts and websites, your brand must have a defined CRM strategy that can turn leads into customers. Without this, all marketing efforts may go to waste. If you are considering adding contextual marketing efforts to your healthcare strategy, it is essential to keep all this in mind. 

Marketing Help with NewGen Marketing

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