Paid Ads for Healthcare

Marketing for healthcare comes with a very unique set of challenges that are not present in other industries. Therefore, achieving certain goals pertaining to leads and patient engagement can seem unreachable to individuals unfamiliar with healthcare marketing. Between HIPAA regulations and the common challenge of creating content that individuals want to engage with, it might seem impossible. At NewGen Marketing, we have created a comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant program to help providers reach their patients.  

Ranking on Google is incredibly challenging. It has been found that one in twenty Google searches are related to healthcare, so it is no surprise there is heavy competition. This makes organic growth almost impossible for developing practices. However, paid advertising has offered a solution to this issue. It allows marketers to be in control of their presence on Google and other platforms. 

NewGen Marketing is a modern marketing agency offering healthcare providers advanced guidance and assistance in managing and growing leads, social media platforms, websites, paid ads, and more. We understand that healthcare is unique from any other industry; instead of communicating with shoppers, you are communicating with potential patients. With this in mind, it takes a careful approach to ensure you are representing your brand well while actively finding the patients you are looking for. 

How Does Google Ads Work?

Google ads is an excellent function to utilize at any stage of the marketing process. Whether you are still building your brand or if it is already fully developed, this can allow you to connect with a new population of patients. Google ads is a pay-per-click function where the advertiser has an opportunity to target individuals that would likely take interest in the services offered. While targeting advertisements, marketers can locate their audiences through different targeting methods including demographic targeting, interest targeting, keyword targeting, and placement targeting. These processes can help marketers find individuals who are more likely to need their services and interact with the advertisement. 

PPC advertising is an efficient alternative to traditional advertising due to its unique payment structure. This form of advertising only charges marketers every time an individual clicks on the advertisement. Additionally, marketers can set a budget so that the ad stops running when the budget has run out. We understand that it can be frustrating to allocate funds to marketing without seeing substantial results. PPC advertising removes the risk associated with traditional advertising methods.

Using Paid Ads for Healthcare Marketing

Adding PPC advertising to your marketing mix is always a great idea, even if you keep it to a minimal budget at first. However, your website must be optimized for PPC, meaning that your landing page is organized in a way that visitors can easily navigate it and fulfill your intended action. For example, if your healthcare brand is wanting to increase blog visits, your blog should be easily findable from your homepage. Depending on your goal, your website should reflect it. 

Optimally utilizing PPC advertising takes adjustments and reevaluation. It is important to check over your Google analytics page from time to time to see what keywords are providing you with the most interest. Depending on your results, you will want to change your targeting accordingly. Many marketers have said that it can take months to curate a targeting strategy that will reach the correct audience. 

Most importantly, when using paid ads for healthcare, you want to ensure that your goal is always to spread meaningful, educational content. Healthcare professionals are held to the highest standards and patients can easily sense when a provider is just trying to sell them something. With everything considered, you want your brand to be respected, highly regarded, and trusted. 

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with NewGen

At NewGen Marketing, our highly skilled team of professionals specialize in healthcare marketing. We understand the complexities that come with healthcare marketing and know how to optimize the process for this unique industry. Whether your team is looking to increase leads, optimize content, or expand your marketing presence, NewGen has the tools. Depending on your goals, we can help you create a marketing strategy that yields the results you have been hoping for. 

We offer a variety of services including call center services, social media management, digital marketing, content creation, website design, and more. If your healthcare brand is in the development phase or if you are fully built up and looking to expand, we can help you define your next steps. Contact NewGen to learn more about our services today.