Optimizing Your Healthcare Website

Your healthcare website is a direct reflection of your practice. It is often the first place inquiring patients visit when selecting a healthcare provider online. In fact, 77% of individuals will perform an online search before committing to a healthcare provider. Therefore, it is incredibly important to ensure your website is in perfect condition. Whether you are building a website from the bottom up or are looking to improve your website, this is a great place to start. 

The first step of organizing any great website is establishing a layout that will make the most sense to visitors. An easily accessible website is essential for your visitors to have a positive experience and continue browsing. In addition to the layout, the website content itself should be purposeful, simplified, and research-driven. For exposure purposes, you also want to ensure you are implementing SEO into your content strategy on each website page. This will allow your website to rank higher on popular search engines like Google. 

Keeping Up With the Times

As with any form of digital marketing, healthcare web design trends and expectations are constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, it is imperative that your developers track these advancements to ensure your website is always up-to-par with local competitors. 

While we’re on the topic of local ranking, you must acknowledge the significance of incorporating local keywords into your content strategy, as well as developing a strong Google My Business page. When your target audience is searching for healthcare providers, they typically include keywords like “near me” or the name of a specific city. By including these key phrases in your website content strategy, you can reach these individuals easily. Local SEO has become competitive as more healthcare brands are focusing efforts on a more local target audience. Although national ranking allows your website to gain visibility, local SEO encourages more local attention, which reflects the ultimate goal of acquiring patients. 

Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Users

As we look to the future of healthcare web design, it stays fairly consistent with the industry right now, but more saturated. One notable change you can expect to see in the coming years is an increase in mobile users visiting your healthcare website. Therefore, it is important to take some time optimizing your mobile website and ensuring mobile users have a great experience. 

A large part of this is making sure that certain website functions are easily accessible from anywhere on your site. The following sections should be easily accessible on your mobile website:

  • Contact information
  • Service descriptions
  • Healthcare providers
  • Patient Portal

When existing or inquiring patients visit your site, these are the pages they will search for initially. Therefore, they need to be accessible from the home page and all other locations whether on desktop or mobile. 

Modernizing Your Web Design

The appearance of your website is more important than you may think. Most users will choose if they will remain on a website within ten seconds of visiting. This means that they make the decision almost entirely based on appearance. Although we endorse the belief that you can’t judge a book by its cover, the unfortunate truth is that everyone else will. 

The best way to build a dynamic, modern website is to connect with a website developer who has experience building healthcare websites. This way, they will be familiar with the unique demands of the industry including HIPAA regulations and patient needs.

Redesign Your Healthcare Website with NewGen Marketing

NewGen is a modern marketing agency specializing in healthcare marketing for local and national healthcare brands. Unlike other industries, healthcare demands a special approach and brands owe it to their website visitors to provide reliable information. Our team of website developers understands the steps involved in making a successful healthcare website, but we are also dedicated to working with our clients to create something new and customizable. With every project, we want it to reflect your brand values while exceeding the modern standard. Connect with NewGen today and join the future of healthcare.