Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketing is significantly different from other industries. This is primarily due to the fact that we are speaking to patients, not customers. Additionally, our audiences are searching for medical services, as opposed to tangible objects. With this being the case, marketing in the healthcare space takes a careful, specific approach. Healthcare content should be informative, accurate, and well-written, with your mission to be to educate patients and potential patients on various healthcare topics. In the healthcare industry, honesty is key. 

Before, it was believed that all healthcare marketing was unethical. Is it right to spend money influencing patients to choose one provider over another? However, as a select few healthcare giants began to monopolize the market, it became clear that marketing was essential. If your healthcare brand is starting to explore new marketing avenues, it is imperative that you understand the dos and don’ts of ethical medical marketing. 

At NewGen Marketing, we believe that a robust and integrated marketing strategy is necessary for measurable results. Our team of marketing professionals understands that healthcare marketing takes a careful approach. Whether your medical practice is looking for a more effective call center or a content team that deeply understands the healthcare industry, NewGen can help. We have provided a list of the most important dos and don’ts of healthcare marketing so you can ensure your practice is following an ethical marketing strategy. 

1. DO Put Honesty Above all Else

When you are dealing with something as sensitive as someone’s health, it is important that you are completely honest. Due to the complex nature of healthcare, many patients approach treatment blindly. For this reason, it is very important that healthcare practices make it their goal to educate their patients on their conditions and treatments. Patients deserve to know if a specific treatment has a low success rate, if there is a less invasive option, and if their condition is more critical than they understand. 

At NewGen Marketing, it is our goal to ensure all healthcare brands are being completely honest with their patients. Whether this is through call center agents or paid social ads, NewGen will never compromise the truth for leads. 

2. DON’T Make Unrealistic Claims 

In many industries, exaggeration, also known as puffery, is a common marketing tactic used to make a product or service seem better than it actually is. For example, if you have ever seen “World’s Best” written before the brand’s product, there is a great chance they are using puffery to make their product seem more attractive. While this tactic may seem effective, it has absolutely no place in the healthcare space. Healthcare workers are one of the most respected and trusted professions, but recently, individuals have begun to play a more active role as a patient. This means that patients are more involved in their treatment and are looking for the best provider they can find. Due to this increase in involvement, not only is exaggerated healthcare marketing extremely unethical, but it is ineffective as well. 

3. DO Utilize a Trusted Call Center

How many times have you called a clinic and had to wait far too long for assistance? This often occurs when a healthcare practice underestimates its call volume and chooses a call center that does not offer the appropriate coverage. It is very important that healthcare providers use trusted call centers that can provide their patients with involved, informed care. It is only fair that patients have access to agents who care about them and can provide the help they deserve. 

4. DON’T Ignore HIPAA Regulations

HIPAA regulations ensure that patient’s health information is protected and secured. Oftentimes, healthcare marketers will use patient stories to promote their services, but this is not acceptable unless it follows all HIPAA regulations. This legislation encourages ethical healthcare practices and guides marketers on what is and isn’t acceptable.

Ensure Ethical Marketing with NewGen

Each year, the healthcare industry dedicates billions of dollars towards marketing. In fact, did you know healthcare is one of the industries that allocates the most funding towards marketing? With healthcare marketing becoming increasingly common, it is important that all providers ensure they are following ethical marketing practices. 

At NewGen Marketing, we are experts in the world of healthcare marketing. We understand the most effective ways to promote your practice while being ethical. Whether your practice is looking for social media management, call center services, or content marketing, NewGen can help. Contact NewGen today to learn more.