We live in a world that is constantly evolving. In part, it is due to the aftermath of Covid-19. The industry most impacted by the pandemic is healthcare as the issue revolves around it. Covid-19 not only affecting healthcare as a whole but also inadvertently changing the entire dynamic of healthcare marketing. Healthcare marketing is going virtual and with this shift comes new tools, that as a healthcare brand, you want to be used to the best of your ability. One of the most vital tools of any healthcare brand in 2022 and moving forward into 2023 is a customer relationship management system or CRM system. 

At NewGen Marketing, we take pride in our knowledge of how to properly manage CRM software for healthcare. CRM for healthcare varies from typical CRM software as healthcare marketing requires a specific set of skills to manage. Additionally, you must consider the services that your brand provides when designing an effective strategy. Consider reaching out to NewGen for more help on healthcare CRMs or other healthcare marketing needs. 

What is a Healthcare CRM

Before delving into what a healthcare CRM is, at its most basic form a CRM manages any and all relationships of your brand. This includes relationships within your brand as well as the relationships with your patients as well as other providers. These are the basics but a healthcare CRM has a couple of added features that aren’t typically seen in a normal CRM. For example, a healthcare CRM is designed with healthcare in mind resulting in software that is solely used in hospitals, laboratories, medical centers, and public or private clinics. Consider the following healthcare CRM features: 

Patient Relationships and Medical Data Management.

A healthcare CRM is capable of managing all of your patient’s medical records, such as prescription medication, patient diagnoses, and prior or upcoming appointments. Throughout the process, a CRM manages all communications between your brand and a patient. 

Patient Engagement.

Engaging patients through digital marketing or content management is one of the functions of a healthcare CRM. This is important as being able to engage your audience will ensure that you are seen online. 

New Patient Acquisition.

This specific software focuses on lead nurturing. It takes into account the services your brand offers and searches for patients who would benefit from your service. Being able to acquire new patients will ultimately help increase brand awareness. 

Referral Management.

Although it is often overlooked, patient referrals are an excellent way to get new leads. When your patients talk about your brand it establishes your brand position in such a competitive market. Word of mouth is more critical to a brand’s image than most brands believe. It expresses to your audience that your brand is trustworthy.

Payer Management.

A healthcare CRM is also capable of managing a number of payment options your patients can use with your practice. This system also keeps track of the insurance plans your practice accepts. Having a system that organizes this will allow your patients to pay their medical bills while also giving them an understanding of the insurance your brand accepts.

Appointment Scheduling Tools.

This is a vital tool necessary for any healthcare brand, especially those which are expanding. Having a system that organizes appointments all in one place will keep your practice organized and efficient. 

Clinic Reputation Management.

When implementing a healthcare CRM, the software can be set up in a way that keeps track of all the reviews your patients leave online as well as how patients view your practice on social media and other review websites. 

Why Does a Healthcare CRM Matters

As we usher in this new age of technology, the importance of a healthcare CRM has risen to heights never before seen, and with good reason. As mentioned before, Covid-19 took the healthcare scene and transformed it into what it is today. With that being said, healthcare CRMs bring on a variety of benefits that are crucial to leading a successful healthcare marketing brand going into 2023.  

  • Helps develop better relationships with patients by learning more about their behavior, needs, and demands.
  • Identifies the cause of recurring issues reported by customers and offers a faster resolution based on their priority based on an instant assessment of each relationship. 
  • Regulates administrative tasks so that patients’ needs are met.
  • Enhances patient satisfaction and promotes proactive health management.
  • Provides efficient synchronization of care, allowing groups to access patient information at any given time.
  • Increases the efficiency of operations and minimizes time spent serving patients
  • Responds to patient inquiries faster and more efficiently
  • Easily monitor the progress of all deals in your team’s pipeline to close new deals within a shorter time frame.
  • It reduces the manual effort that usually results in duplication and delayed access to information, as well as monitoring the risks of prospective outreach accounts.

Think of a healthcare CRM as foundational software. It is capable of managing multiple tasks that would normally take your brand’s team more time. Using a CRM allows your brand to allocate its time to other aspects f healthcare marketing such as quality content creation or marketing campaigns. Moving into 2023, healthcare CRM software is becoming too much of a necessity for healthcare brands to continue their brand growth and marketing strategy without one.  

HIPPA-Compliant Software

Another reason for the rise of healthcare CRMs in medical brands is due to the fact that CRMs are HIPPA-compliant. The purpose of HIPPA compliance is to keep patient data and other communications secure as well as streamline the flow of medical information. Healthcare CRM systems maintain a secure network of medical information that includes the exchange of information between healthcare brands, institutions, and patients. It protects this information from fraud or theft. 

How NewGen Can Help

NewGen is a premier healthcare marketing agency that bridges the gap between patient experience and brand. Our top priority is to engage with our customers in order to ensure your brand’s growth. Healthcare marketing is a monumental challenge with many aspects that are easy to overlook. We consider all these aspects and apply them to a marketing strategy that is effective and realistic for your brand. 

Our team has expert knowledge of healthcare CRM systems and how to integrate them into your strategy. This ensures they are utilized efficiently. NewGen can help your brand reach your marketing goals, whether that be increasing new leads, revamping your website, or having a more active social media page, we’ve got you covered. 

If you have any questions about NewGen and what we do, feel free to contact us!