When we think of marketing our healthcare practices, we immediately think of our websites, referral program, and maybe even social media. However, one of the most critical and often overlooked strategies is ensuring that your practice accumulates patient testimonials and reviews.

This comes with many benefits, including making your practice look more reliable and providing your marketing team with powerful content for social media.

Allow this article to introduce you to new ways that you can utilize healthcare reviews and testimonials to strengthen your marketing strategy. In addition, we will guide you through increasing the number of healthcare testimonials your practice generates through various incentive techniques. 

At NewGen Marketing, we are a healthcare marketing agency promoting the use of an omnichannel marketing approach to ensure you are reaching all possible potential patients. To do this efficiently, you must create compelling content that makes potential patients believe you are the right fit for them. Continue to read this article if you want to implement more healthcare testimonials into your marketing plan. 

Why are Healthcare Reviews Effective?

Have you heard of social proof? This reflects an individual’s urge to emulate the behavior of others in hopes of seeing similar results. Social proof is especially important to understand regarding healthcare marketing because it relates to health and wellness.

While making a coffee purchase may be quick, choosing a healthcare provider comes with additional expectations. One way to build trust with inquiring patients is to reinforce your practice’s reliability by highlighting your past patients’ positive experiences. 

Online patient testimonials and reviews are comparable to word-of-mouth recommendations but are more accessible. Nowadays, it is incredibly common for inquiring patients to check online reviews before settling on a healthcare provider. It has recently been found that 96% of individuals will check online healthcare testimonials to compare medical providers. You will likely lose many potential patients if your practice does not have visible online reviews and testimonials. 

While we might not realize it, healthcare testimonials and reviews can be found everywhere. Whether you are scrolling through a practice’s social media, website, or through Google, testimonials and reviews are woven throughout. Ensuring that your testimonials are viewable on all your marketing channels is crucial in implementing them into your marketing strategy. 

How to Encourage Patients to Write Healthcare Reviews and Testimonials

You may wonder how it is possible to accumulate reviews and testimonials; the simple answer is to just ask them! Patients with a positive experience at your medical practice are typically more than happy to share their thoughts. However, you may find that some are not as willing as others. In this case, there are incentives you can offer that will encourage them to. Here are some ways to increase your chances of your patients writing healthcare testimonials:

  • Printable instructions: Even if you tell patients they can write reviews on your website or Google, they may forget. Therefore, printable instructions will provide them with a step-by-step guide on how to document their excellent experience!
  • Give them a call: After a few days of the patient’s visit, call them and ask if they are willing to share their experience.
  • Email them: After your patient’s visit, it is completely acceptable to email them and request they write a testimonial or review. The benefit of this method is that you can provide clickable links and instructions on writing one. 
  • Ask them for a simple rating on Google: While some patients are unwilling to write about their experiences, a quick rating on Google is almost as effective and much quicker. By asking them to take one second to rate your services, they can do it quickly without the same level of commitment.

Often, patients who had an excellent experience at your healthcare practice will write a Google review without even being asked, especially older individuals. The ultimate key to collecting patient reviews is to ensure you have amazing customer service and have perfected your approach to patient care. 

Where to Feature Testimonials and Reviews

The best thing about testimonials and reviews is that they can be featured throughout the channels you market your brand. It is ultimately content that your patients are creating for you. Although you should have your testimonials and reviews on your Google business page, there are other places where you should also implement this content. 

  • Throughout social media: Patients love using social media to find new businesses, so why should this include healthcare practices? Implementing your testimonials and reviews on your social media pages is an excellent way to create compelling content with which your followers will connect.
  • Your website: Did you know that connecting your Google reviews to your healthcare website is possible? This is extremely effective because it lets website visitors know that your practice is reputable.
  • In your blogs: If your healthcare practice does not already create blogs, it is time to begin. This can also be a great place to feature patient testimonials and stories. 

Reviews are the Backbone of Your Practice

Patient testimonials and reviews are essential when you market your brand. Not only are they incredibly compelling to potential patients, but they are also versatile and can be used when you market your brand. Stepping into 2023, there will be a new standard for healthcare marketing, and your practice must always be one step ahead. 

Are You Looking for a Healthcare Marketing Agency?

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