Maximizing Your Healthcare Content Marketing

Having a consistent healthcare content strategy is imperative when it comes to marketing your practice. Although social media may not be the first thing that comes to mind regarding healthcare content marketing, it has quickly become an essential part of many brands’ marketing strategies. 

However, this channel is only effective with a careful approach that keeps the patient in mind while staying true to your brand.

You may be wondering how to create a healthcare marketing strategy, and luckily, there are specific types of content that have proven to improve patient acquisition. To see growth on your social media, it is important to put out engaging content that your followers will find interesting and informational.

As a healthcare content writer, you may understand the obstacles with this type of content, and your frustrations are shared amongst industry professionals. If you are looking for new ways to expand your practice’s social media presence, we can help. 

NewGen Marketing is a modern media agency dedicated to changing the climate of healthcare content marketing. We understand that trends evolve and healthcare has drastically changed over the last decade, but we are sure always to be one step ahead. Don’t get left behind – become an industry thought leader with NewGen. 

Are you a healthcare content writer struggling to create relevant content that your audiences want to engage with? Check out these five healthcare content ideas to finish off 2022 strong. 

1. Doctor Spotlights

Your medical staff is the heart of your practice, and it is important to integrate this into your healthcare content strategy. Personal images of your doctors accompanied with quotes can give potential patients an inside look into your practice.

Although stock images are great in certain circumstances, they often give off a more sterile look with less personality. Therefore, if you want a unique, brand-conscious social media presence, taking photos of your practice and staff is an excellent way to do this. 

Finding a reliable medical provider can be daunting for patients, and getting to know them can help ease hesitations. Doctor spotlights have been a popular form of healthcare content used since the beginning of social media, and this will never change.

There are a few ways to execute a doctor spotlight properly, and it comes down to what matches your practice’s social media strategy best.

While some practices make high-quality videos of their doctors, others simply post images of their staff doing everyday tasks, such as meeting with patients or working with staff. Regardless of how you showcase your amazing staff, this is an excellent content strategy to individualize your practice. 

2. Educational Quizzes

As a healthcare practice, social media looks to you as the voice of logic and reason – in other words, be factual and educational! A fun way to do this is by posting weekly quizzes relating to your practice’s services.

For example, a physical therapy clinic may post quizzes about the musculoskeletal system that can engage patients while educating them on topics they might be interested in. 

Instagram and Facebook have story features that allow followers to interact with your content. Both of these platforms offer quiz templates where your followers can take quick multiple-choice quizzes to test their knowledge. It’s time to liven up your healthcare content strategy by adding activity to your social page!

3. Testimonials and Reviews

Healthcare content writers should all understand the importance of incorporating testimonials and reviews into their practice’s healthcare content strategy.

When patients are searching for a medical provider, they look for one with excellent patient reviews. Did you know that 60% of patients read reviews before settling?

Positive reviews highlighting your practice’s strengths can be part of your healthcare content strategy. They can be used in blogs and posts and featured throughout your story. Reinforce your practice’s strengths by letting your followers hear it directly from the source. 

4. Important Updates

One of the best components of social media is its ability to spread information quickly. Is your practice expanding insurance coverage? Have you been booked in the past but are now accepting new patients?

Are you changing your hours to accommodate more patients? This is all information your followers want to know. Anytime your practice expands services, it is important to update your followers because it may bring in new patients. 

A few useful update announcements may include:

  1. Changes in insurance
  2. Office relocation
  3. Additional services 
  4. New staff or doctors
  5. Updating office hours/ special closing hours

You should integrate updates throughout your social media accounts. If the messages are urgent, it may be smart to post them to your feed and repost it to your story; this will reach the largest amount of your followers. However, more general updates can be posted to the feed, so it becomes known as a new feature that distinguishes your practice. 

5. Promote Your Blogs

Does your practice post relevant blogs to your website for SEO purposes? Social media is the best way to promote them! Weekly or biweekly posts announcing new blogs can help drive traffic to your website, removing the individual from the broad world of social media and letting them focus on your brand alone. 

It might be a good time to start if your healthcare practice is not already releasing blogs. The healthcare industry has become increasingly competitive and ranking on popular search engines like Google is difficult.

Blogging with SEO can help your practice expand your patient base by making you more visible to individuals. Once the blogs have been posted and optimized, don’t let them get hidden within your website – it’s time to showcase your work by promoting your blogs to your social media!

How Can NewGen Marketing Help?

At NewGen Marketing, we believe in a 360° approach to healthcare content marketing. Have you been looking for new ways to optimize operations at your healthcare practice?

NewGen can help with that. We offer website design, content creation, advertising, and call center services to those looking to expand. Get ready to evolve with NewGen.