If you’re a healthcare brand in 2022, having a solid website is crucial to being successful. Having a website is just the first step but making sure your website has all the necessary tools for your audience is a task in and of itself. There is always so much to keep up with. Every website is different which makes for a variation in what is needed and what is not. Yes, it’s true healthcare websites are a bit different from normal websites. However, there is a structure of what is absolutely necessary for your website. 

Here at NewGen, we understand the importance of a good healthcare website that has all the essential qualities any healthcare site should have. Read this guide to learn more about what your healthcare website absolutely needs and why it needs it. 

Back to Basics

So you have a healthcare website in place already but how can you know for sure that it has everything your patients may need all in one place. Worry not, the following will guide you through everything that is absolutely necessary for any healthcare website. 

Making Sure Your Healthcare Website is Secure

You know when you first go on a website and there’s a lock icon just before the URL? This is often overlooked but it means that the website you are on is safe. This is important as healthcare information is sensitive and the lock icon assures your patients that their personal information is safe. Having a safe website will attract new patients as they are more likely to input their personal information. Having a safe website is crucial. 

Taking Your Healthcare Website Mobile

Making sure your website is compatible on mobile is absolutely necessary. Especially since our phones have become such a big aspect of our lives. If your website looks weird on the phone can lead to a negative experience for your audience, particularly if it is hard to navigate through. Going to a website that is difficult to deal with can be frustrating. This in turn will make new leads less likely to explore the website thoroughly. Make sure your website translates well to mobile and consider characteristics such as font size, spacing, color, overall look, and compatibility. 

Easily Accessible Contact Details

When someone comes across their website and they become interested in the service you have to offer they will need to know where to contact you at. This is important because without a method to contact you not only will you lose them as a new lead but it also makes your brand look unestablished or illegitimate which can be an issue when generating new leads. Make sure your contact information is present and easy to access.  

Where You Are Located

This goes hand in hand with contact information. If new leads don’t know where you’re located they won’t know your location in relation to themselves. Not only that but having a locations page will let your customers know where each location is and what each location is responsible for. It can be beneficial having all this in one place for your audience to view. 

Insurance Details

Another important aspect of healthcare is insurance. It’s crucial that your patients know the kinds of insurance plans you accept. Be honest as this shows your brand has integrity and is not looking to trick people into treatment they can’t afford. Lay the foundation of the plans you accept and make it a top priority your customers understand this. 

Provider Information

An important aspect of any healthcare website is to build trust with your patients. The playing field for healthcare is changing, becoming more patient-centered than ever before. With this in mind, it’s important that when new leads or already established patients come across your website to express confidence in the care you provide and help your patients see your providers as experts in their field. This will make it more likely for customers to trust your brand. 

Spice Up Your Healthcare Website

Now that you understand what the requirements of a healthcare website are, you need to give it your own flare which will help make your brand’s website unique and stand out from other healthcare websites. This can range from using a specific layout, color scheme, the images you use, or how you use them. Don’t be afraid to show off your brand on your website. With so many other healthcare websites it’s important to be able to differentiate your website from your competitors. 

How NewGen Can Help You

NewGen’s dedicated team can help your website be the best it can be. We are well equipped to handle anything and everything your healthcare website may need. Whether that be designing your website to match your brand, handling content, or updating your website, NewGen can do it all. We understand how vital it is to have a solid website that not only engages your current customers but attracts and engages new customers as well. 

If you have any questions about how NewGen can help your website or other healthcare marketing questions feel free to reach out to our team today!