Can Your Practice Benefit from a Call Center?

Call centers are an essential component of a successful medical practice. Not only can it simplify a practice’s operations, but it can also help to bridge the gap between a patient and your practice. Traditional patient communication models lack organization, monitoring, and efficiency, but call centers offer a solution. By having a team of experts dedicated to creating a personalized patient experience, you can ensure your patients are getting the best care possible. Whether your practice is quickly growing and needs more support or you are struggling to convert new leads, consider implementing a call center into your medical practice. 

Some growing healthcare practices avoid outsourcing to a third-party provider due to extra costs and a lack of trust. However, there are easy ways to avoid these risks. By finding a call center that prioritizes patient relationships and experience, a call center is more than capable of bringing new benefits to your practice. At NewGen Marketing, we offer call center solutions for your healthcare practice through premiere customer service figures dedicated to improving your patient experience. 

A successful call center requires more than quality service representatives. It should offer omnichannel support, contact organization, and other benefits to improve your practice’s functioning. Learn more about improving your healthcare call center and consider implementing some of these changes to simplify operations at your medical practice. 

Utilize Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel support allows patients to communicate using different mediums. This can include texting, calling, emailing, and other communicative forums. Not all medical practices have adapted to this modern form of customer support, but the fact is that this is the new reality of healthcare. With new technologies at your patients’ fingertips, new expectations have risen.

Your patients are expecting you to offer services through these different channels so it is more convenient for them. By offering text reminders for appointments, patient support via call, and open email communication, your patients will feel more inclined to interact with your practice and return. By offering an omnichannel experience, your practice can reach a larger population and increase patients while maintaining consistent organization. Don’t be left behind, instead join the future of healthcare by implementing a patient-centered omnichannel support system.

NewGen Marketing offers call center services organized around an omnichannel experience. This includes patient support in the form of email, text, social media messaging, and calls. Our team of patient care coordinators are experts at manufacturing a positive patient experience from the start. By prioritizing the formation of strong patient relationships, NewGen has become the forerunner of call centers for medical practices. 

Prioritize Patient Relationships

Building a trusting relationship with your patients does not just happen. It takes time, patience, and a committed team for it to happen. NewGen Marketing promises to offer healthcare practices access to the best support representatives. Patients are no longer fine with generalized healthcare, they want it to be suited just for them. This relates to all aspects of healthcare and should extend to your healthcare call centers as well. By putting personalized care and patient satisfaction at the forefront, your practice will notice a significant increase in patient loyalty.

At NewGen Marketing, our patient care coordinators set us apart from other call center services. Rather than a large team of disconnected representatives, NewGen promises to provide your patients with an individualized experience. Our connected team of patient care coordinators will ensure that they are familiar with all their patients as well as their condition. This way, your patients are connected with a coordinator who is ready to answer all their questions and guide them in the right direction. 

Keep Organized Data

As a practice expands, a common problem faced by practices is managing excess data. Luckily, one of the benefits of a call center includes the ability to digitally organize patient data and information. It is challenging to ensure that your patients’ information is organized, protected, and available across platforms when your employees are taking on numerous tasks. By having a team dedicated to answering calls and managing this side of your practice, operations will improve across your organization. 

At NewGen Marketing, we use Salesforce as our choice CRM platform. Unlike more traditional technology, Salesforce uses a health cloud to connect patient data in a convenient, accessible space. This allows for your patients’ data to be used in a more effective way, including personalized interactions and team collaboration.

Are You Ready For a Call Center?

One common misconception about call centers is that your practice needs to be huge for one to be appropriate. However, this is not the case. By implementing a call center into your practice in the earlier stages, your patients will be able to form meaningful relationships with staff from the beginning. A call center does not have to be a team of 50 representatives. Sometimes, all it takes are two third-party patient care coordinators to track, manage, and communicate with your patients. By building a team that focuses on forming genuine connections, your patients will develop a new appreciation for your practice. 

How Can NewGen Help?

NewGen Marketing offers medical practices of all sizes access to personalized call center assistance in order to transform their healthcare brand from ordinary to dedicated support for their patients. If your healthcare practice is looking to modernize your patient management, a call center is a great start. 

To learn more about NewGen’s call center services, give us a call today. We are happy to discuss options as well as other healthcare marketing services.