Why Your Website Matters

If you haven’t updated your website in the past year or two, now is the time to do so. Technology has become a vital part of everyday life so having an up-to-date healthcare website is crucial, not only to keep up with the times but to engage current and new customers. 

With that being said, you may have a plethora of questions concerning the ins and outs of what makes a good website. NewGen is an expert in healthcare website design and we strive to make the best website possible that fits your needs while maintaining your brand’s ideals and overall aesthetic. 

This guide will answer common website building questions, consider tips to help revamp your website, and lastly provide some great examples of effective websites that can serve as a model for your healthcare website. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Let’s face it. Building a website is a challenge. There are so many factors to consider and so much information and time goes into building a website. The following are some of the most common questions. 

How would you describe your target audience?

Understanding your audience is crucial not only for your website but also for your brand. Without a solid understanding of your audience, it will be difficult to engage any customers because the content won’t be directed towards any specific group of people that your brand exists to serve. 

What is the purpose of the website?

Having a website that is purposeful will help engage new customers. For example, if you have a website that is purposeful, whenever someone comes across it, they will understand what exactly it is you are providing. If you have what they are looking for then they are more likely to stay on your website. 

What makes you different from your competitors?

This is one of the most important questions when it comes to a website and your brand. Once all the content on your website is sorted you have to make it stand out. There are hundreds if not thousands of healthcare websites so you have to make your website stand out. Make it engaging, unique, and informative. 

How would you describe the style of your website?

Making sure to have a specific style is important for the overall look of your website. This will allow your website to remain consistent throughout all the different pages. Consider a color scheme that matches your brand and engages your customers. Without a set style, webpage designs will be inconsistent and make it overwhelming for those who come to your website. 

What do you like most about your current website?

If you have a website, even if it is outdated, consider the things that seem to be working for your website. If they are outdated update them to make them better. There is no need to completely redo your website unless it is necessary. Take the good, make it better and exclude. Anything that doesn’t help your brand or your brand image would be unnecessary to keep. 

Best Practices

The following are just a few important things to consider when creating a website.


A simple yet effective website is good for your audience to follow and engage with. Websites that are over the top can be overwhelming, especially to those who are new to your website.


Make sure your healthcare website is easy to navigate. Those who come across your website should be able to easily access anything they could be looking for. If your website isn’t easy to navigate, your customers will become frustrated and more likely to click off your website.


Having a user-friendly website is also extremely crucial. For example, let’s say your audience is older people who aren’t very tech-savvy. Having a website they can navigate easily will help bring in new customers and keep current ones. 

Examples to Follow

One of the best ways to understand something is to look at prime examples of said subject. Here are some examples of well-known and effective healthcare websites.

Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic is a renowned health care center that has locations throughout the United States. Its website design includes vibrant pictures, a clean layout, and updated information. From the home page, site visitors can access information about patient care, departments, products, services, and educational resources.

Cleveland Clinic. The Cleveland Clinic’s website offers streamlined mobile and desktop designs. The information on the site is clearly segmented for patients and doctors. That makes it easier for site visitors to find the exact information that they need. The site’s health library includes videos, articles, and health tools.

Johns Hopkins Medicine. Its website reflects the hospital’s expertise. On this site, visitors can easily request an appointment, find a physician, or get health information. It includes videos of patients’ stories, testimonials, and medical procedures.

ZocDoc. ZocDoc is a hub for physicians throughout the United States. On this site, patients enter personal information such as their condition, city, zip code, and insurance carrier. This referral site creates a list of doctors that fit their search query requirements. ZocDoc provides patient ratings for each doctor in the network.

MedExpress Medical Center. MedExpress is a top urgent care center. Patients visit this center’s website for information about services, procedures, and treatment. On this site, patients can find a MedExpress center that’s closest to them. The MedExpress site is easy to navigate and loads quickly.

TrustCare Family Healthcare. TrustCare is an urgent care walk-in clinic. The site offers updated blog articles and specialty care information. Its minimalist design features more information than pictures. The TrustCare website layout is clean and easy to navigate. Visitors can pay their bills and view TrustCare locations online.

Rush University Health. Rush University Health Medical Center is a top hospital with a website to match. Its clean design offers a quick way for site visitors to find a doctor, access health/wellness information, and make an appointment. Patients can access their health records using its online portal.

Infinite Medical Express. Infinite Medical Express offers a minimalist website that’s full of relevant information. Site visitors can quickly access the patient portal and plan wellness visits. It offers wellness tips and videos that are accessible from the site’s home page. Patients can make one-time payments on this website.

Lockport Express Medical. Lockport Express Medical is a highly acclaimed center for urgent care services. The site’s home page provides immediate access to the medical center’s services, payment policies, and contact information. There is a video that provides a preview of what patients can expect when they visit the urgent care center.

Maryland Physicians Care. Maryland Physicians Care is a managed care organization. Its website has a mobile-friendly design that is easy for users to navigate. The site includes plenty of white space that reduces website clutter. On the Maryland Physicians Care site, visitors can find a health care provider, renew benefits and check the status of a claim.

NewGen Can Help

At Newgen, we strive to be the best in healthcare website design. We understand the importance of having an easy-to-navigate website that looks nice. Many healthcare websites have a very basic feel to them as if they are all just iterations of each other. We make sure to take the time necessary to help your website stand out from other websites. We take design very seriously and always go above and beyond to ensure your website runs smoothly while looking professional and engaging. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to NewGen today!