Creating engaging blog content of any kind can be difficult, but healthcare content, specifically, seems unattainable. You may be asking yourself – is it even possible to keep people engaged while writing about healthcare? The answer is yes, but there is certainly a method to the madness. 

Healthcare content marketing attracts a larger audience than you would expect. Not only are you targeting potential patients, but also doctors, students, and concerned family members. Although this may seem to complicate things further, this is actually good news – you have the opportunity to expand your content and reach. 

With this larger audience, it is important to create quality content that is legible and understandable to the average person. This way, people will view your blog as a resource when they are in need of finding more information. If blogs are too long, confusing, or just uninteresting, most visitors will click off before even reading the article. 

The overall goal of healthcare content marketing is to naturally drive people to your site, ultimately increasing engagement. By developing a successful healthcare content strategy, you will notice a drastic increase in website traffic, patient outreach, and SEO exposure. 

If you are interested in creating more engaging and effective content, allow this to guide you in elevating your healthcare blog. 

1. Keep it Current

Creating timely content that is relevant in the moment is one of the most effective ways to acquire website visitors. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare websites noticed a sharp increase in visitors if they were providing newsworthy and timely content about the pandemic. 

Although it is sometimes difficult to keep it current, finding small ways to make it relevant in the moment will reach more people when certain keywords are attracting heavy search traffic. This can mean writing about common cold remedies during colder seasons or football injuries during peak football season. 

Implementing this into your healthcare content strategy can help you evolve into a newsworthy source, making your blogs populate higher within Google’s search results. 

2. Utilizing Video

Video content marketing is on the rise, specifically in the healthcare industry. This form of content is effective due to its ability to effectively explain complicated subject matter. This can include videos of surgeons or physical therapists explaining different procedures or treatments with visuals. 

Believe it or not, video content is an exceptional way to achieve greater SEO. By linking your videos from YouTube and attaching common search terms, Google often links relevant YouTube content towards the top of their search results. By incorporating more YouTube-linked content into your healthcare blog, you have a higher chance of reaching more people. 

Although effective, this form of marketing is difficult to achieve without a professional. NewGen Marketing understands that for video content marketing to work, it has to be done right. Our content creation team is experienced in providing clients with engaging and meaningful video content to elevate your practice’s healthcare content marketing. 

3. Get Personal

Creating content individual to your healthcare practice is one of the most effective ways to build patient relationships. Generally, when someone visits your website, they should feel as though it is an extension of your practice. By including employee and facility pictures, you are setting your practice apart from others and providing website visitors with a unique, memorable experience.

In addition to images, there are other ways to individualize your copy as well. By creating copy about different doctors and surgeons, including direct quotes, patients will feel more comfortable with your practice. It allows them to have an inside look into your practice and team. 

As experts in healthcare content marketing, NewGen has taken a new approach to content creation. During the process, our content creation team builds collections of quality imagery to ensure patients are seeing the best version of your practice. With this additional content, we are able to use it to elevate your brand, including social media.

4. It’s Time to Open Up

According to Gallup, 70% of people have a negative perception of the healthcare industry. Many people view the U.S. healthcare system as a huge money trap. In order to move beyond this, it is imperative that your practice stays honest with your audience and promises a different experience. 

One of the best solutions to this is prioritizing patient relations. By developing content that builds trust with patients, they will begin to set you apart from the rest of the healthcare industry. This is exactly what you want. When patients think of your practice, they should not even question reliability. 

When working with healthcare clients, NewGen prioritizes the patient’s perception of the practice. By creating reliable and relatable content, your practice will notice a measurable increase in returning patients and new patients. 

5. Patient Testimonials and Patient Stories

Incorporating patient testimonials into your healthcare blog is a great way to build reliability and engagement. By sharing true patient experiences, you are providing potential patients with a real explanation about what treatment at your practice looks like. 

What’s the first thing you do when looking for nearby restaurants? You Yelp it. There’s a reason we all rely on reviews, and it’s because we trust them. You can’t expect potential patients to trust your practice from a few pictures, it has to speak for itself.

NewGen believes that patient testimonials and stories are the best way to reach new patients. We are able to use these testimonials for social media, blogs, Google reviews, and many other effective platforms. 

6. Stats Don’t Lie

Sometimes, the best way to validate your practice is by providing statistics and data to back up your claims. For example, if you are a surgery facility that performs minimally invasive surgeries, you can highlight the fact that your patients recover __% quicker than those who choose traditional surgical operations.

Visitors will see this information and begin comparing it to these alternative practices and will develop a more advanced perception of yours. Each healthcare practice was created for a unique reason, and this is your chance to highlight it. Whether you are a physical therapy clinic that helps athletes or a surgeon performing spine surgery, stats are on your side, you just need to find them. 

7. Keep them Engaged

When developing your healthcare content strategy, it is very important to ensure you are increasing engagement. Even after someone clicks on one of your links, there needs to be a way to keep them on your website. One effective way to do this is by incorporating internal links into your blog posts. This way, visitors will find themselves sitting on your website for longer and visiting internal links to find answers to their questions. 

Another way to increase engagement is to include calls to action on every page of your website. This will ensure that website visitors are encouraged to take the next step you were anticipating. This can include a phone number, email address form, and other effective CTAs. 

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Maintaining a healthcare blog is not an easy task. It is often difficult to stay creative and constantly develop new content ideas. When it comes to redesigning your healthcare content strategy, NewGen can help. 

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