Your website is an extension of your healthcare practice. Oftentimes, when patients visit your healthcare website, they are in need of assistance, and it is the job of the website to offer help through interactive functions and clear navigation. Since healthcare is such a daunting subject, patient-centered care should be the focal point of any medical practice. By modernizing your internet presence, improving functionality, and providing patients with factual and SEO-driven content, your practice will notice measurable growth. 

If a patient walks into the waiting room of a healthcare practice and notices it hasn’t been updated in years and uses outdated technology, there is a strong chance they will not return. Now more than ever, patients are relying on the internet to guide their research when it comes to healthcare and available practices. As of 2019, companies have been noticing that their online marketing efforts have proven to be more effective than traditional efforts. Now, in a COVID-19-conscious world, online marketing is more essential than ever, but with new technology and modern marketing strategies, it is often difficult to keep up. 

NewGen Marketing offers healthcare companies access to services that are statistically proven to improve their marketing efforts and patient reach. Our team is dedicated to making custom marketing plans for healthcare organizations that are looking to grow their practice and implement modern marketing techniques. If you are interested in learning more about what NewGen can do to help learn about how to design a webpage, continue reading. 

With the Right Approach…

Web design starts with a simple question: What impression do you want to send to your customer base? Everything from the target demographic, branding and website intention will be considered during the website design process. Our website design team is experienced in creating compelling healthcare websites that showcase your unique vision to draw in new patients. 

At NewGen Marketing, our team begins with a wireframe, and a picture of potential designs, this will typically include some sample images and icons that may be present throughout the website. After this, our team will outline the basic navigation of the website and create a basic sample design. Upon approval of the design, our team will then move on to writing copy and selecting images that comprise the website. After this, we will begin implementing different marketing tools into the website, including SEO and Google Tracking. 

It’s Time to Modernize

One of the most common issues with healthcare websites today is that they are outdated, both the content and the website design. The medical field is always changing, and this should be reflected in your brand and online presence. Making the decision to rebuild your website is one of the best investments in your business you can make. It has been proven that modernized websites attract more than double the visitors that outdated websites do. 

Aside from the redesign itself, one of the best ways to make your website more personalized is through the use of pictures. While many companies choose to use stock images for the majority of their website, it can be extremely beneficial for companies to take personal photos such as employee pictures and pictures of the healthcare facilities. This can encourage more patients since it adds individualism which gives patients a sense of familiarity when they visit your practice. 

If healthcare is meant to be one thing, it is supposed to be advanced. Having a website that operates slowly and looks outdated often leads patients to think that they will not receive the best care. Completely remodeling a website is difficult, and without experience, it is nearly impossible to create a streamlined website that is user-friendly. As a healthcare provider, your website consists of information, forms, contact information, and other important content. Managing this can be overwhelming, and unless it’s done correctly, can turn away many patients. 

Join the rest of healthcare and step into the future. NewGen Marketing offers healthcare practices access to the most efficient marketing tools including website design, SEO-driven content writing, and other services guaranteed to expand your business. Don’t wait any longer, because the future of healthcare is already here. 

Get Functional

The next step for a successful website is to ensure that it is functional and allows customers a positive user experience. If websites are too difficult to navigate or they load too slowly, many customers will click away and continue on their search. In fact, if a website takes longer than three seconds to load, 75% of visitors will leave quickly. For this reason, many marketers are taking a more minimalist approach to website design which allows them to minimize website loading and lags. 

When it comes down to how to design a webpage, it is more complex than one might think. In addition to including all necessary content and extra information, companies must be sure to check that their websites are fully functional for potential visitors. Websites that don’t function correctly can be very dangerous for your brand – if any buttons or forms do not work it could make your practice unable to locate leads and lose reliability on behalf of your patients. 

Customer service pages are often overlooked, but they are one of the most important parts of any good healthcare website. Without customer service pages, many customers will not further engage with your brand if they find that information is not easily accessible. By having a dedicated customer service page, visitors can approach the practice with questions directly rather than wait long periods of time to learn more. Since it’s the future, it is absolutely necessary that all your information is easily accessible to all visitors so that they do not leave the website due to a lack of information or conversation. 

While website design is overwhelming, it does not have to be. Although many practices struggle grappling with how to design a webpage, NewGen Marketing has the solution. Between our amazing web design team and our content creation team, we have every part of the work covered. Allow our design team to reimagine your brand while our content creation team will compose SEO-driven content that will increase website traffic and engagement. Marketing can be a stressful concept, but it doesn’t have to be. 

The Future is Here, Come Say Hello

It’s time to reimagine your healthcare website. NewGen Marketing offers healthcare practices access to modern marketing resources that can substantially grow business. If you are interested in learning more about NewGen Marketing and the marketing resources we offer, please contact us today.