Getting patients engaged in their health care has always been one of the biggest challenges medical practices face. In the past, tools to facilitate better communications and more efficient processes were limited to paper records, the telephone, and eventually the beginning of online records, emails, and text messages. But today, sophisticated platforms exist to help medical practices store and manage patient information and bridge the communication gaps between providers and patients. 

Online patient portals are a user-friendly communication and management solution for patients and providers. The use of a patient portal in medical practices is linked to improved patient engagement, improved quality of care, improved patient outcomes, improved record accuracy, improved patient processes, improved patient experience, improved transparency, and improved patient safety. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits a patient portal can bring to your practice. 

4 Ways Patient Portals Enhance the Care Process

1. Improve patient engagement. Patients who are more engaged in their health care have better treatment plan and medication adherence. A portal makes it easy for patients to take an active role in their care. Within the portal, patients can ask questions, communicate with the care team, request prescription refills, schedule check-ups, and make payments.

2. Improve patient-provider communications. All too often, once a patient leaves an in-person appointment with their provider, communication and connection ceases until the next appointment. In between appointments, patients may not know how to get in touch with their care team for questions. Or, commonly, they become frustrated after calling the clinic, being placed on hold, and receiving inadequate answers from the busy administrative staff. A patient portal creates a direct line for patients to reach out to their doctor and care staff at any time. A centralized messaging center makes it easy for patients to bring up new concerns or developments when they arise, instead of waiting for the next appointment or ignoring them altogether.  

3. Increase patient access to information. In order for patients to take ownership over their health, they need access to all vital records and information. A patient portal allows patients to review care plans, medical records, imaging exams, test results, immunization forms, and other critical documents. With easy access to their records, patients can find and report errors in EMRs, view test results instantly without having to call the office, and check in with their care plan as needed to track progress.  

4. Streamline patient care. Centralizing all information in a single platform leaves less room for miscommunications, scheduling errors, and missed appointments. Patients can use the portal to view their next appointment and fill out required forms ahead of time. When patients undergo blood testing from a third-party imaging center, they can upload the results for the doctor to review before the next appointment. Admin staff and providers can also use the portal to gain a comprehensive view of a patient’s entire health history and current care plan in one easily accessible platform. 

Learn More About healow From eClinicalWorks 

Our health care clients at NewGen Marketing have found success using healow from eClinicalWorks. The healow patient portal provides patients with a secure platform to review records, see lab and testing results, communicate with providers, request and schedule appointments, and browse educational resources. Patients can access their healow account using a web-based browser on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. 

The healow app also includes several features that help providers streamline the patient care process.

  • Messenger. Providers and admin staff can use Messenger to build, segment, and automate health and wellness campaigns. Provide targeted outreach for appointment reminders, preventative reminders, lab notifications, prescription notifications, disease management outreach, educational series, and custom campaigns. You can send messages through multiple channels (email, SMS text, portal notification, and more) to reach patients where they prefer to receive communications.
  • Kiosk. Kiosk streamlines the check-in process for patient appointments. When patients arrive at your clinic, they can use a tablet to check in, update insurance information or address changes, complete intake forms, and make payments. 
  • TeleVisit. TeleVisit was rolled out during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. It allows patients and providers to engage in an audio-video appointment call on a web-based browser using the healow app. Information from a TeleVisit can be directly imported into the patient’s care record after the call is over.

Your patients will reap all the benefits of a user-friendly portal, while your providers and admin staff will reap the benefits of streamlined workflow processes and more patient engagement.

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