Importance of Ethical Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Ethical marketing within the healthcare industry can be difficult to come by, but luckily the right team can make it possible. In other industries, brands are known to exaggerate, twist stories, and use psychological marketing tricks to influence sales. However, within the healthcare industry, these marketing tactics are not necessarily accepted. Instead, healthcare marketers must look within a brand, find a story, and share it with the ideal audience.

Collaborating with NewGen Marketing

Just like you, we strongly believe that the patient comes first. When it comes to health, the best thing you can do for a patient is to educate and guide them in the right direction. These motives influence each step of our marketing practices as we aim to educate and guide patients on their path to recovery through accurate and intentional content. 

We offer a range of services – from content creation to call center services. We encourage healthcare brands to take an integrated approach that streamlines processes and ensures a seamless patient experience. Regardless of the challenges that your brand faces, our team of marketing and creative experts is equipped to take it on. Failed ad campaigns or poorly performing social media posts? We’ve got you covered. Continue reading to learn about NewGen’s commitment to ethical marketing and how we ensure it across channels. 

Transparency in Advertising Practices at NewGen

Transparency can sometimes be difficult to promise in certain areas of the healthcare industry. In terms of pricing, many healthcare brands cannot guarantee a set price due to insurance barriers that introduce add-ons and hidden fees. With this in mind, how can healthcare marketers build a trusting relationship with potential patients despite this significant hurdle? 

The most effective way to build trust with patients is to be honest with them throughout their experience at your practice, and don’t forget that their experience often begins at one of your brand’s advertisements or campaigns. 

At NewGen Marketing, we are very intentional about the content we create for advertisements, campaigns, and organic content. Our goal is to highlight the best parts of your healthcare practice and educate patients on how or why it could benefit them. Through unique graphic content and compelling storytelling, our team of content creators can reinvent your brand and make it more attractive to your audience. 

Compliance with Regulations and Guidelines for Ethical Marketing

Compliance with regulations and guidelines for ethical healthcare marketing is essential to maintain the integrity of the healthcare industry and ensure that patients receive accurate and unbiased information about their treatment options. Healthcare marketers must adhere to guidelines set forth by organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to avoid misleading claims, deceptive advertising practices, or violations of patient privacy laws.

Using Accurate, Evidence-Based Information in Campaigns

Did you know that patients are more likely to respond to content that uses facts or statistics to back their point? It’s true! Many patients are hesitant when it comes to healthcare advertisements, and for good reason. So, how can your healthcare brand grow a trusting community of followers? It all comes down to interaction and pledging to share truthful and intentional content. From your informational blogs to your social media captions, you must emphasize accuracy to ensure your campaigns are well received by the public. 

How NewGen Marketing Supports Ethical Healthcare Marketing

NewGen Marketing is a modern marketing agency specializing in the healthcare industry. Our qualified, experienced team of diverse professionals is dedicated to helping brands grow and achieve their version of success. Are you interested in learning more about our services? Contact us today to get started.