The Rise of Telehealth and What it Means for Providers

Sometimes even when we feel our absolute worst, we can’t seem to justify going to the doctor. We all know the feeling of leaving an appointment with a quick prescription all too well, making a lengthy trip to your physician seems unnecessary. Telehealth offers a comprehensive solution to this issue, making it easier for patients to visit the doctor, even if it is just for a simple question or prescription. 

Telehealth became more prevalent during COVID-19 when many patients were hesitant to visit their doctors due to the risk of developing a sickness. This form of healthcare allowed patients to remain healthy when the World shut down, and it remains popular among a wide range of patients. From elderly individuals not being able to easily leave their homes to out-of-state college students needing appointments with their primary care physicians, telehealth appeals to almost everyone. 

NewGen Marketing is a modern marketing agency specializing in the healthcare industry. We offer a diverse range of services to help providers improve their care and overall strategy. We have witnessed how telehealth improves patient outcomes and retention, and we are passionate about helping healthcare brands spread this form of care. Continue reading to learn all about the benefits of telehealth and how it can transform your practice. 

How Telehealth Increases Access to Quality Care

One key advantage of telehealth is overcoming geographical barriers, especially in rural or remote areas where healthcare services are limited. By allowing patients to connect with medical professionals through video consultations and virtual appointments, telehealth eliminates the need for long-distance travel and reduces wait times, making care more accessible and convenient. 

The Benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth offers a plethora of benefits to both patients and providers. Telehealth offers a solution to many of the most prominent issues in modern healthcare: accessibility, affordability, and availability. Additionally, virtual appointments are much quicker than traditional in-person appointments, allowing patients to spend less time waiting and doctors to accept more appointments on a given day. Ultimately, offering telehealth is beneficial for all parties as it opens another avenue to introduce a modern, more accessible form of healthcare. Continue reading to learn about the top benefits of telehealth. 

Reducing Healthcare Costs for Patients

The option of telehealth has the potential to save patients tons of money when it comes to healthcare. These appointments reduce the need for emergency room visits and readmissions. Additionally, the quick nature of these appointments and lack of travel prevent patients from having to take time off work and drive lengthy distances. 

Encouraging Remote Monitoring and Follow-Ups

Many patients can’t seem to justify additional treatments after undergoing a procedure. Having the ability to monitor patients through telehealth extends a new option and allows patients to speak with their doctor without the need for an extended visit. 

Reduced Emergency Visits

Telehealth plays a crucial role in reducing emergency room (ER) visits by offering patients a convenient and accessible alternative for non-emergent medical concerns. By utilizing telecommunication technologies, such as video consultations and remote monitoring devices, healthcare providers can deliver high-quality care remotely. This not only increases access to healthcare services but also reduces the strain on overburdened emergency departments. 

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