Understanding the Objective of Healthcare Social Media

Social media is a unique platform for healthcare providers, and it allows them to reach a new audience that is otherwise difficult to connect with. Social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X, formally known as Twitter, allow healthcare providers to express their brand stories and values through a more visual lens. Although this does not offer the same long-form content as websites do, it encourages brand awareness, which is a factor necessary to acquire patients. 

Additionally, healthcare platforms are a great space to post more timely content that might not be relevant all the time. As social media users scroll through content, they are looking for information that is relevant to them at that specific moment. A great example of this was during the pandemic – people were using social media to find updates. At this moment, healthcare marketers began realizing that social media had the potential to be the home for new and improved content. 

NewGen Marketing is a modern marketing agency that works with nontraditional healthcare organizations. Our diverse range of industry experts work closely with our clients to produce compelling content that inspires an industry-wide shift. 

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms for Healthcare

There are a few social media platforms that are more important for healthcare providers to have a presence on. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are especially important for their unique reasons. Facebook is a popular channel for healthcare marketers, as it is a simple way to learn more about the clinic’s services and patients, as well as make useful advertising tools available. At NewGen, we view Facebook as a nonnegotiable for healthcare businesses, and we believe that the marketing tools offered through Meta are cost-effective and can make a huge difference for smaller and larger organizations. 

Instagram is connected to Facebook through Meta. Although Instagram does not offer clickable links, it is heavily focused on aesthetics and visuals, which can encourage brand recognition and reputation. Luckily, content between these two platforms can be interchangeable for the most part, and both of these meta-channels have proven to offer significant benefits. 

LinkedIn is useful for healthcare professionals in its unique way. While some patients may use LinkedIn when acquiring information about certain doctors, it isn’t quite as common. Instead, LinkedIn offers an excellent way for providers to connect, list job openings, and provide more professional, business-to-business content. 

Organizing Content for Social Platforms

In terms of social media content, you should try to keep it fresh and constantly evolving, this way, your followers are incentivized to stay. Depending on your platform, your approach to content may vary slightly, but for the most part, you can use almost the same content across platforms. 

The first step of content creation is to determine your goal: what are you trying to achieve through sharing this content with your followers? Next, you will create copy that will be used in visuals throughout your accounts. This can use testimonials from patients, facts about your services, or just simple photos of your clinic. Regardless of the graphics, the caption attached to the graphic is just as important. Making sure the caption uses popularly searched phrases and hashtags is vital to the success of many Instagram and Facebook posts. 

How Can NewGen Help Your Clinic?

NewGen approaches social media differently than most agencies. Since we primarily work with healthcare professionals, we understand the unique need for straightforward and transparent content. When patients are searching for reputable healthcare providers, they want to see results and success stories most of all. 

When we create content, we ensure it is meaningful and written with purpose. If your healthcare brand is struggling to create meaningful social media content, NewGen can help. Contact us today to learn more about our social media services that have helped various medical brands expand their reach.