Do Healthcare Brands Use Google Ads?

Healthcare brands have begun to embrace using Google Ads throughout their marketing strategies. Google has quickly become the leading source of online advertising. It is also the optimal location for doctors to advertise their services. When patients are searching for a new healthcare provider, Google can connect them with local, reputable healthcare practices. After all, Google does provide all the information inquiring patients may want, all in one convenient location. The practice’s hours, contact information, reviews and testimonials, services, and more are laid out, even with the option to navigate directly to the practice’s location. 

NewGen Marketing is a modern marketing agency specializing in healthcare. We have observed the market shift over the last five years and understand how invaluable Google has become to the success of any healthcare clinic. Creating a detailed and accurate Google My Business profile is often the first step of our strategy. After all, whether patients come from social media or another online forum, Googling the business will almost always be their next stop. Continue reading to learn more about using Google Ads for your healthcare business. 

Understanding the Benefits of Using Google Ads

With Google Ads, advertisers have the full ability to customize their ads to ensure they reach the right audience, at the right time. In addition to selecting a specific target audience, brands have complete control of their budget and can see results in real-time. 

Additionally, Google Ads offers advanced analytics so brands can track their campaign’s performance including clicks, impressions, conversions, and more. Most importantly, brands can see what keywords brought in the most traffic, allowing this ad to bring in crucial marketing insight as well as engagement 

Creating Effective Google Ad Campaigns for Your Healthcare Brand

There are a few things you will want to consider when creating a Google Ad for your healthcare brand. First and foremost, you will want to distinguish a clear objective for the campaign to ensure it is purposeful and well-targeted. Depending on if you want to increase website traffic or increase calls, your campaign will vary. After establishing a goal, you will adjust the settings of your campaign to target a specific audience, or region, and populate for specific keywords. 

Next, you will want to familiarize yourself with bidding, which represents the amount of money you are willing to spend for a click. Depending on your goal, you will create a bid strategy to achieve the objective of your campaign. 

Designing Visually Appealing Ad Campaigns

Designing visually appealing Google ads for healthcare requires a deep understanding of the principles of design and the healthcare industry’s unique needs. The key to creating visually appealing ads lies in striking a balance between aesthetics and informative content. Utilizing a clean and modern design aesthetic, with a limited color palette is crucial. Clear typography that promotes legibility is essential to communicate important information about healthcare services or products effectively. 

Additionally, incorporating relevant imagery such as professional medical staff or happy patients can enhance the visual appeal of these ads. It is also vital to ensure that these ads adhere to Google’s guidelines for ad formats, dimensions, and file sizes. By keeping these considerations in mind, designers can create visually stunning Google ads for healthcare that capture viewers’ attention while conveying important information about health-related offerings.

Google Ads with NewGen Marketing

NewGen Marketing offers various marketing services to healthcare brands. Whether your brand requires social media assistance, website development, campaign management, or call center services, NewGen can help. Since our services are curated with healthcare professionals in mind, our clients see more immediate growth. Between HIPAA regulations and the complex nature of healthcare, marketing for this industry can be difficult. Allow NewGen to help you reach all your marketing-related goals today. 
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