The Importance of Lead Forms on Facebook

Facebook lead forms are a powerful tool for businesses to generate high-quality leads and drive conversions. With more than 2.8 billion active users, Facebook is one of the most effective marketing tools in the digital landscape. Lead forms offer a seamless way for businesses to collect valuable contact information directly through Facebook, without having to leave the platform and reroute their digital plan. This not only streamlines the process but also increases the chances of capturing accurate data. Additionally, these forms allow businesses to customize the information they gather to optimize their usage of it. 

NewGen Marketing is a modern healthcare marketing agency specializing in digital trends. Facebook lead forms have quickly become an integral part of many business strategies, and we are passionate about helping brands optimize their use of Facebook forms. After creating and publishing the form itself, the next most important step is what you do with the gathered data and information. NewGen uses this information to create patient profiles and reach patients who want to be contacted. 

How to Create Lead Forms

To create an effective lead form, start by heading to the Facebook Ads Manager and selecting the option to create a new campaign. Choose the objective “Lead Generation” which will prompt you to set up your lead form. Customize your form by adding a compelling headline, description, and an image that aligns with your brand. It’s crucial to keep these elements concise and captivating, clearly communicating the value proposition of filling out the form. 

Next, add relevant questions tailored toward gathering specific information about your target audience. It’s essential to strike a balance between acquiring enough data without overwhelming potential leads. Enable the Instant Form Submission feature so users can easily submit their information without leaving Facebook. Finally, integrate your CRM system or use Facebook’s native Lead Ad retention capabilities to automatically store and manage collected leads efficiently. Regularly monitor and optimize your lead generation campaigns by analyzing metrics such as conversion rates, cost per lead, and quality of leads acquired through various ad sets or targeting options offered by Facebook Ads Manager.

How to Use the Collected Leads

Once leads have been collected from a Facebook lead form, it is important to handle them with professionalism and efficiency. Start by promptly responding to each lead to establish a positive initial contact and show your commitment to customer service. 

It is advisable to analyze the data gathered from the lead form to understand the specific needs and preferences of each potential customer. This will enable you to tailor your follow-up communications accordingly, presenting them with relevant offers or solutions. Implementing a CRM system can help manage and organize leads effectively, allowing for better tracking of their progress throughout the sales cycle.

Facebook Lead Forms and Management with NewGen Marketing

NewGen Marketing is dedicated to helping brands improve their lead generation and form connections with potential patients. NewGen’s call center uses Facebook leads to locate patients and help guide them on their treatment journey. The primary reason patients do not seek medical attention is because they do not know where to start. This is where the experts of the NewGen call center can help. Our experienced patient care coordinators understand the treatment process and can offer valuable information to curious patients. 

Is your healthcare practice in search of a team dedicated to building lead forms and then managing those leads? Connect with NewGen today to learn more about our premium services that have led many healthcare brands to unparalleled success.