Transitioning to a Call Center from In-House

Transitioning to a call center from an in-house operation is a strategic decision that can offer significant benefits for a healthcare practice. This transition involves shifting the customer service function to an external service provider or establishing a dedicated call center. An external call center offers a variety of benefits, and they are capable of transforming a practice. If your medical practice is considering switching to a professional call center, it takes careful planning and execution to ensure a seamless transition. 

Switching to a call center is a lengthy but rewarding process. Practices who make this transition must work directly with the call center to provide call scripts and ensure the agents are educated about the practice’s functions. This is necessary for a call center to function properly and 

How Outsourcing Calls Offers Financial and Operational Benefits

Many medical brands are choosing to outsource their calls as this presents an array of financial and operational benefits. By entrusting their customer support services to specialized agents, companies can ensure cost efficiency and enhanced operational capabilities. If your healthcare brand is considering outsourcing your call center, continue reading to learn about how this decision can allow your practice to grow. 

1. Cut Down on Costs

Outsourcing calls has proven to be a cost-effective solution for healthcare providers. By keeping the calls out-of-house, physicians and staff can focus on delivering quality care without the concern of managing the phones. Additionally, entrusting a call center eliminates the need for overly expensive equipment and technology, as well as reduces personnel costs associated with hiring and training additional staff members. 

2. Improve Customer Experience

Outsourcing medical calls has proven to result in higher patient satisfaction and improve the overall customer experience. First and foremost, call centers ensure prompt service, and make sure that patients can reach an agent almost immediately. Say goodbye to lengthy wait times and hello to prompt, timely service. Additionally, call center agents are thoroughly trained to handle specific scenarios relating to your practice. This helps to cut down on call time and offers a more enjoyable experience to callers. 

3. Optimized Scheduling

Call centers offer optimized scheduling through various strategies and technologies. By utilizing CRM systems and other advanced software, call centers can strategically organize and locate patients at appointment times that make sense for their treatment plan and the doctor’s schedule. These CRM systems also can decrease no-show rates through a thorough confirmation process and reminder service.

4. Increase Leads

Call centers that utilize CRM systems can locate new and potential patients through various digital channels. These tools can track and manage leads through social media, online forms, and landing pages. Additionally, many of these CRM systems have lead generation software like web scraping or SEO tools that help determine leads. 

5. Streamline Operations

Implementing a call center into your healthcare practice offers endless solutions to your most prominent challenges. A common issue within medical organizations is a lack of communication between the different branches. A call center ensures proper organization, documentation, and communication by utilizing CRM systems and other digital software.

Call Center Services with NewGen Marketing

NewGen Marketing offers call center services to medical organizations looking to improve efficiency within their practice. Unlike many call centers, NewGen prides itself on our personable approach to customer service, ensuring that our patients know the name of their patient care coordinator and feel comfortable talking to them. Our agents possess a comprehensive understanding of medical terminology and protocol and are trained to abide by HIPAA regulations. If your medical practice is looking to outsource your calls, trust a team that shares your goals. 

Outsourcing with NewGen Marketing

NewGen Marketing is a modern marketing agency offering various services to healthcare providers. Our team of experts specializes in social media marketing, content creation, campaign management, digital marketing, website development, and more. We are passionate about helping healthcare providers grow their practices and improve function within their organization. Contact us today to learn more about our services.