Healthcare Marketing on Social Media

Social media opens a fresh door for healthcare brands to reach new patients. With more consumers becoming tech-savvy and digitally driven, using social media platforms for marketing can drive traffic to your website and other conversive touchpoints. Although healthcare content creation can sometimes be difficult, the key is to be consistent and purposeful. We understand the importance of a new marketing campaign. Whether you are offering a new service or you are expanding, your campaign is a critical factor in the success of your new development. At NewGen Marketing, we help brands use all the available touchpoints to meet their target audience where they already are. 

If your brand has an upcoming campaign launch, there are some things you may want to keep in mind. Most importantly, it is very important to have an established set of goals and objectives. These will help guide you through demographic targeting decisions, content creation discussions, and more. NewGen Marketing specializes in social media management and campaign strategy. Allow us to guide you through launching your healthcare brand campaign to success through social media and other channels. 

What Does a Successful Social Media Campaign Look Like?

A social media campaign is a strategic communication plan that leverages various social media platforms to promote a specific service, product, or brand as a whole. If your healthcare brand is looking to launch a social media campaign, you may be wondering how you can make it stand out from the rest. NewGen has defined a five-step launch strategy to ensure your campaign makes a significant impact in your desired market. 

1. Determine Your Audience

Depending on your campaign, you will be able to determine an ideal target audience. The demographic you decide on should be purposeful and well-researched. If you target the wrong population, there is a good chance that your campaign results will reflect this. There are a few ways you can go about determining your ideal audience when moving forward with these campaigns. If you are a developed brand with a wide patient base, the first step is to analyze your existing consumers and their similarities. If you do not have a defined patient base yet, this is the time you will want to perform market research to distinguish the optimal audience for engagement and conversion. 

2. Determine Your Content Plan

A social media marketing campaign is nothing without a great set of content to promote it. In healthcare marketing, there are a few key content forms that garner more engagement than others. One of the most effective content forms right now is Reels due to their ability to match you with non-followers. As Instagram users scroll through the Reels rab on Instagram, there is a chance that yours will populate, increasing your social reach. Another great content form for healthcare brands is testimonials and reviews. These are very important when it comes to vouching for your services and legitimizing your brand. As many individuals are hesitant about brands on social media, this can help to ease their hesitations. 

3. Establish a Social Media Advertising Budget

Paid advertising on social media can make a significant difference in the success of your campaign. The best part about paid social ads is that they are very affordable compared to more traditional forms of advertising. Distinguishing your target audience is an important step in successful paid social media advertising. This can help you determine the ideal social platform to use, as well as the budget necessary. If you are a smaller local brand, your budget does not have to be too large. However, if you are looking for national recognition through this campaign, you may consider allocating more money to paid social advertisements. 

4. Engage Your Audiences

Even after putting out your curated marketing campaign content, you will want to continue engaging with your audiences. This includes responding to comments, answering questions, reposting content to your story, and following relevant accounts back. Brands that do not engage followers see a significantly lower level of social success and engagement. By creating a daily checklist of these important steps, you will notice your accounts will continue to grow, as opposed to staying stagnant. 

5. Organize a Call Center to Ensure Successful Patient Acquisition

After perfecting your goals and objectives, optimal audience, and content, you may be wondering about your next steps. A campaign can only be successful if the brand has designed a customer journey, from discovery to acquisition. One of the most effective ways to transform a lead into a dedicated patient is through a healthcare call center. 

NewGen Marketing offers premium call center services to a range of healthcare brands. We understand that your patients are looking for accessibility while maintaining personal care. Our call center agents specialize in healthcare and are dedicated to providing personalized, quality care. At NewGen Marketing, we believe care begins at first conversation. If you are looking for a marketing agency that prioritizes quality care as much as you do, NewGen can help. Contact our team to learn more about our social media and call center services.