As the new year kicks off and you return to your desks, it’s time to begin taking action on all the goals you have hoped your brand would accomplish this year. Whether you want to improve operations within your company or increase sales, now is the time to begin. With 2023 starting up, it will bring new challenges and opportunities, and with the right approach, you can make 2023 a memorable year for your brand. Unfortunately, there is no clear starting point, and it can be a challenge in itself to reinvent your marketing strategy. However, enlisting the help of a healthcare marketing agency can allow you to focus on your brand’s operations while they work on the evolution. 

As the healthcare industry evolves, marketing strategies do as well. Although your brand’s website and social media identity may have been effective years ago, time eventually washes out trends. Therefore, creating an adaptable marketing strategy that can stand the test of time and solidify your brand as an industry leader is important. 

NewGen Marketing is a modern healthcare marketing agency specializing in brand development and building. We understand that marketing for healthcare can be difficult and takes a specific approach, which is why our team comprises industry professionals who are experienced in this field. As the new year begins, do not fall behind. 

How Can a Healthcare Marketing Agency Help?

Whether you are looking for help with website development, social media content, call center operations, or general operational help, an agency can be very helpful. In 2023, you should expect that all, if not most, healthcare brands have a defined personality on social media and have a well-designed website. If your brand is falling behind in this area, now is the time to get ahead. If you are wondering how a healthcare marketing agency can help your practice evolve, continue reading. 

Website Development

A modern, effective website is absolutely vital to any healthcare brand. This is the primary way your patients will find you, and it is also necessary for existing patients to find documents and other information. Did you know that today, 77% of individuals use Google when looking for a new healthcare provider? 

In addition to a functional website, the appearance and aesthetics of your online presence must be modern and brand-reflective. Consistent branding is a very effective way to get someone’s attention and make them remember your practice. Here is a quick checklist to ensure your website is ready to go:

  • The website is easy to navigate, and there are clear call-to-action.
  • The appearance is modern and has an even picture-to-text ratio.
  • The website allows patients to check their files, records, and prescription refill requests. 
  • All contact information is clearly displayed on the website. 
  • The website uses SEO to ensure ranking on search engines like Google. 

Creating an efficient website appealing to the eye can be a huge challenge. Additionally, the best websites are constantly reconstructed: adding new pages and editing old ones to keep them current. Therefore, with the help of an agency, you can expect that your website is always upgrading with the times. 

Social Media 

Looking back 10 years, who would have predicted that social media would become a marketing hub for healthcare professionals? It has been reported that 70% of marketing professionals use social media, with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube being the most popular. As these social media platforms gain more popularity within the medical industry, your brand needs to ensure your social media is appealing and engaging to audiences. 

Creating daily social media content can be very time-consuming. Between creating graphics and engaging captions, managing a social media account can take hours out of someone’s week. If you have noticed that your social media platforms are taking time away from valuable employees, it is time to pass over this responsibility. In addition to extra help, marketing agencies can bring your brand’s social media presence from one to ten quickly by improving the graphics and making the written content more effective.

Call Center Services

It is no secret that customer service is every brand’s top priority. In healthcare practices, this is typically dependent on whoever answers the phone. This interaction will define the potential patient’s entire view of your practice. Not only should the phone call be successful in scheduling an appointment, but it should also be an engaging conversation where the caller feels comfortable and heard. This is sometimes difficult to achieve in the office since front desk workers are busy checking in patients and answering questions. Therefore, outsourcing your calls to a call center is a great option. 

At BEST Health System, we see why many businesses avoid using call centers – they take away the unique interactions. Therefore, NewGen has created a dedicated call center team that ensures all patients feel heard. With NewGen, you will never have a patient waiting on the phone for extended periods of time.

Start Off 2023 Strong with a Healthcare Marketing Agency

As 2023 begins, it is officially time to make the most of your marketing strategy. At NewGen Marketing, we believe in a comprehensive approach that includes all aspects of marketing. Although social media is important, it is nothing without a functioning website. Although more advertisements may bring in more prospective patients, this means nothing without a dedicated team of call center agents. NewGen Marketing understands that many factors go into running a successful healthcare brand. Allow us to help you grow your business today.