Healthcare marketing in 2022 can be complicated. There are many factors to consider when it comes to efficiently bringing in new leads while maintaining current customers. Salesforce integration has become crucial when it comes to engaging patients. It is very effective when used to its full potential.

This blog should help further your understanding of this software and how to best use it in order to engage patients. NewGen is an expert in salesforce and can help you be more in tune with salesforce integration capabilities. 

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) technology that, once more apps are added to it, transitions into Salesforce integration which is the process of merging functionality and data between Salesforce and other apps.

Connecting new apps to salesforce can be a bit tedious and vary in difficulty but ultimately worth it in the long run. Salesforce makes data transferring possible, either to or from salesforce. Here are a few examples of cases that can help express what your options are. 

  • Importing lead contact information
  • Updating payment information
  • Importing remote support service data
  • Updating Salesforce Price Books
  • Remote access to Salesforce records
  • Duplicating Salesforce data for record-keeping

Why Salesforce?

A good patient experience is no longer the end goal; care gap journey management, chronic condition management, and other long-term relationships between provider and patient present opportunities to transform the patient experience from good to great.

As consumers become patients, they demand more from their healthcare experience through convenient, patient-centric touchpoints and technologies, such as:

  • Consumer-to-patient conversion and onboarding
  • Context-specific patient communication
  • Patient retention and loyalty journeys
  • Patient satisfaction journeys
  • Multi-channel engagement touchpoints
  • Patient outreach, reminders, and follow-up

Patient Engagement Through Salesforce

Salesforce has varying capabilities, depending on your needs, beyond basic CRM. What exactly can salesforce do in terms of healthcare? Look no further, here are some examples of actions to increase digital engagement include:

Communicate With Patients Using Their Preferred Channel(s)

A patient’s preferred means of communication (phone, email, text, chat) can be a part of their “relationship record” (vs. their medical record).

Additionally, Salesforce uses these preferences to determine how physicians, clinicians, call center agents, marketers, and other healthcare professionals communicate with each patient. 

Give Patients Easier Access to Their Medical Data

A health system can provide a patient with 24/7 access to their medical data. This level of access enables patients to be more engaged by giving them the ability to view their medical information at any time, anywhere—without having to wait for office hours to make a phone call, for example.

Communicate With Patients Using Terms They Understand

A managed terminology platform can be used to translate clinical terminology into a language that patients can understand. For example, contact center agents can more clearly reference past diagnoses using layperson’s terms when communicating with a patient.

Enable Patient Engagement With Their Health Journeys

It can be used to create care plans that are customized to meet each patient’s needs. The starting point is a reusable care plan template that is modified for each patient’s individual goals, required tasks, and care plan team members.

Provide Personalized Digital Content

Many organizations send the same informational email to all patients. A current example is an email that goes out to patients encouraging them to get vaccinated—regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not. The feature of dynamic content can prevent this through personalization.

Send Emails That Have Interactive Content

Interactive email lets a patient take action directly in their inbox as though they were interacting with a web page. Examples are hover effects, hide/reveal states for certain email body content, and fillable forms. This is a significant feature compared to traditional email messaging.

Generate More Effective Appointment Reminders

Many health systems have found success using an automated appointment reminders feature, which sends text and/or emails messages to patients at appropriate intervals before their next visit.

This ensures the timeliness of follow-up appointments and reduces gaps in providers’ schedules.

Common Challenges Patient Engagement Solutions Address

Salesforce doesn’t just do whatever you program it to do, it also solves any current issues as well. The following are some of the issues salesforce can detect and solve. 

  • Poor visibility and data tracking. Difficulty understanding the unique touchpoints for a patient within the healthcare system. Limited access to consumer, patient, and provider data via encounters, claims, social media, website usage, and patient satisfaction.
  • Disparate systems. Essential processes split across separate systems, impacting agent and coordinator productivity.
  • Capped agent and coordinator enablement. Inability to capture customer preferences, best practices, and guidance/knowledge to improve patient onboarding and efficiency, as well as capitalize on patient interactions to improve service education and drive greater engagement and outcomes.
  • Diminished patient experience. Decreased ability to ensure high customer satisfaction and engagement for all interactions and streamlined inquiry/case/incident resolution. Lacking continuity of interactions across programs, service lines, and providers.

NewGen Can Help

NewGen understands the ins and outs of salesforce. We can help strengthen the salesforce benefits and tailor them to all your marketing needs.

We get that this type of program can be a bit complicated and overwhelming at times. However, we also understand how important and effective this tool can be for your brand. We want to help your brand reach its maximum potential, whether it be through salesforce or other marketing strategies. 

Contact NewGen if you have any questions about salesforce or other inquiries on how we can help your brand be the best it can be!