Salesforce is a well-known leader in enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, customer service platforms, analytics and marketing automation. In 2015, Salesforce partnered with leading health care companies to create a cloud-based software solution molded to meet unique patient management needs in the health care industry. 

Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based CRM solution designed for medical providers and other health care industry professionals. The platform allows providers to build comprehensive patient profiles that lead to better provider-patient relationships, smarter and more informed care decisions, increased engagement throughout the care process, and better data management. From 2018-2021, Health Cloud has been named KLAS Research’s best CRM solution for value-based care.  

Health Cloud was developed with the patient experience in mind. Today’s patients expect more from their health care providers than ever before. They value personalized care experiences, easy access to electronic records, and more tech-savvy ways to communicate with providers and manage their own care. In a newly competitive industry, providers can either rise to meet these expectations or lose potential patients to competitors.    

Health Cloud facilitates value-based care in this new ‘Age of the Patient.’ The platform provides medical professionals with the information they need to build deeper, more trusting relationships with patients, meet their health care needs, and retain their loyalty. Keep reading to learn more about Health Cloud’s primary features.   

5 Key Features of Health Cloud

Health Cloud contains several robust features that help providers manage patient care. 

  • Integration with multiple record sources. Health Cloud isn’t meant to replace your electronic health record (EHR) system. Instead, its purpose is to integrate patient data from electronic patient records, medical devices, and wearables into a single platform. With Health Cloud, you’ll be able to store, access and view all patient records in one place, ensuring easier and more streamlined data management.   
  • Complete patient view. Medical records aren’t the only data you can store on Health Cloud. The platform allows you to build personalized, comprehensive profiles for patients that include all the information you need to know to provide the best care possible. Easily access and view a patient history, current conditions, medications, additional health care providers, lab results, appointment history and scheduled appointments, and recent communications. The Health Cloud Timeline view allows providers to track a patient’s progression from the first meeting to present day. And the Patient Caregiver Map allows providers to document family members, other caregivers and specialists who play a role in the patient’s care and well-being.    
  • Centralized care coordination. Another component of Health Cloud is Private Communities, where all care coordinators in a patient’s caregiver network can collaborate and communicate through secure messages. Private Communities is also a space where patients can review their care plans, contact a provider, and fill out pre-appointment forms in advance.
  • Automated management. Health Cloud is integrated with several automation tools that providers can use to streamline and improve processes, communications and patient care. The “Today” screen identifies and filters the most relevant patient issues providers need to address timely — like refilling a prescription or scheduling a follow-up appointment. Providers are able to see critical tasks for the full patient population at a glance, ensuring that crucial care steps don’t fall through the cracks. Health Cloud also provides tools for segmenting and managing patient populations, sending communications to segmented groups of patients, and tracking patient communications and outreach efforts.   
  • Built-in security protocols. Salesforce Health Cloud software comes with built-in tools to facilitate compliance with HIPAA requirements. 

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Salesforce Health Cloud is the comprehensive CRM solution your health care company needs to improve patient acquisition, management, engagement, and retention. If you’re interested in implementing Health Cloud in your business, or migrating legacy systems over to a centralized Health Cloud platform, call NewGen Marketing today for a free consultation.