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Chloe Cassar
Content Writer

  • Creativity 110% 110%
  • Pop Culture References 200% 200%
  • Professionalism 90% 90%
  • Copy-writing ability 99% 99%
  • Communication 92% 92%
  • Love of College Finals 25% 25%

Learn about Chloe

Chloe Cassar is a content writer responsible for writing, designing, and optimizing website and social media content. Chloe will be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Tampa in May of 2023.

She initially joined NewGen Marketing as a content writing intern interested in learning more about healthcare marketing. Since then, she has become increasingly familiar with the industry and is passionate about writing research-driven content.

Prior to her time at NewGen, Chloe worked as a content creation intern at a marketing agency in Tampa and participated in a research group to identify social media marketing trends and algorithms at her university.

What Keeps Her Going

Chloe loves spending time at the beach with a good book, traveling, and finding new restaurants.