In the world of sales and marketing, performance speaks for itself.

At NewGen Marketing, we focus on using performance-based marketing and sales strategies to launch campaigns that grow your brand. We generate quality inquiries that result in successful sales all while making the pull through in the acquisition process as efficient as possible to ensure the greatest return on marketing spend.

In a crowded and competitive advertising arena, don’t settle for a marketing company that can’t deliver meaningful and measurable performance data, revenue and sales for your business.

At NewGen Marketing, our leadership team boasts decades of proven marketing and sales experience working with leading industry brands in health care. Our team knows the marketing strategies that drive customer engagement and action and we use our insights to strategically plan, develop and execute effective performance-based marketing campaigns for your business. At the same time, we make sure the patient acquisition cycle is efficient and streamlined to ensure the greatest return on investment.

What We Do

The 7 triangles in our logo represent the 7 key areas where we will help your business find optimal marketing and sales success.

Strategy and Investment

We create custom marketing and acquisition cycle plans and invest advertising dollars in media channels and platforms where we can measure campaign results.


We provide statistical analysis to determine campaign performance across all media channels and adjust budget and strategy to continuously improve performance and identify areas of opportunity to increase conversion in the acquisition cycle.

Paid Media

We invest in paid media channels including search engines, social media, TV, long-lead publications (magazines and journals), radio, direct mail and more. A diversified media plan managed by an experienced performance-driving investment team is key to seeing results.


We create and launch effective social media campaigns across multiple platforms and continue to evolve strategies as new areas for performance-driven return in social are formed.


We implement remarketing programs to re-engage and convert potential customers who previously viewed your products and services to guarantee optimal conversion and to ensure that the lifetime value of the customer is continually growing.

Organic Traffic

We create and lead a content marketing campaign to build your credibility and rankings in organic search. We use traditional and nontraditional approaches based on an understanding of what will bring value to your organization’s bottom line.

Acquisition Cycle and Call Center

We identify and nurture quality leads and convert them into sales, which is a key marketing and sales component for any organization that is spending even just $1 in marketing. Without having a proper patient acquisition process and standards in place and followed, no marketing strategy will ever be as efficient as it could be and you are losing valuable dollars.

We’re Ready, Are You?

When you’re ready to invest in the strategies and performance-driven teams that will drive more to your bottom line, contact us to schedule a free consultation.