What We Do

We offer broad-spectrum marketing and sales services with a focus on performance-based strategies combined with creating and implementing an efficient patient acquisition cycle to increase your return on investment. We use measurable data to shape, monitor and track your marketing campaigns, so that we can make adjustments to budgets and strategies based on the campaigns that are performing well. You’ll know every step of the way how your dollars are being spent to boost your brand, attract quality inquirers and maximize your return on investment.

Strategy and Investment

We’ll design custom marketing and acquisition cycle plans and invest advertising dollars in the media channels and platforms where we see the most lead inquiries, conversions and sales. Using performance-based strategies allows us to measure the results from each campaign and adjust our strategies and budgets to increase efficiency across all platforms. Ultimately, wise investments in the patient acquisition cycle and advertising platforms that are made by an experienced performance-driven team will ensure a greater return on marketing spend for your business.


We’ll delve deep into the marketing data and provide statistical analysis to determine campaign performance across all media channels. We use analytical insights to launch effective, measurable marketing campaigns across the channels that we know will produce lead generation and sales. We drive our campaigns using real-time data, which allows us to adjust budgets and strategies as needed to improve performance and discover new opportunities where we can boost conversions in the acquisition cycle.

Paid Media

We’ll invest in paid media channels including search engines, social media, TV, long-lead publications (magazines and journals), radio, direct mail and more. Paid media advertising boosts your brand visibility across multiple platforms, expands your reach and provides fast and measurable results. Because we track the performance of paid media, we can invest wisely in the platforms that are delivering the most engagement in leads, conversions and sales. Having a diverse media plan led by an experienced performance-driven team who knows where to place proactive investments is crucial to seeing a positive return on your marketing spend.


We know your audience is on social media, so we’ll create effective social media campaigns across multiple platforms that will generate more exposure for your brand. Social media advertising is a cost-effective marketing strategy that continuously offers new areas of opportunity for growth, engagement and performance-driven results, as the world of social media grows and evolves.


We’ll implement remarketing programs that help us identify and track consumers who are already viewing your website and products. Remarketing is an effective tool that promotes optimal conversion rates and maximizes the lifetime value of the customer. Customers who receive relevant advertising from products and brands they’ve already viewed are more likely to build brand loyalty and convert at subsequent viewings.


We’ll help you increase your brand visibility, credibility and search engine rankings through organic content marketing. Content marketing helps your business connect with customers, earn their trust and build a strong relationship with them. An effective content marketing campaign will boost your organic search rankings, and we’ll use traditional and nontraditional approaches to generate organic engagement and leads. Our experienced, performance-driven team will create customized campaigns based on an understanding of what will be most effective for your bottom line.

Acquisition Cycle and Call Center

We will execute customer acquisition strategies to identify, recruit and convert quality potential customers into sales. Without a system in place to execute proper patient acquisition processes and standards, your marketing dollars will not be spent as efficiently as they could be. Our performance-driven team will employ acquisition strategies to find quality leads, connect potential customers with the benefits of your products and services and meet customer needs in order to drive conversion and sales.

We’re Ready, Are You?

When you’re ready to invest in the strategies and performance-driven teams that will drive more to your bottom line, contact us to schedule a free consultation.