Our Clients

At NewGen Marketing, we have proven experience providing marketing and sales expertise for health care companies. We’ve helped our clients optimize sales, revenue and return on investment by developing and implementing broad-scale marketing campaigns using performance-driven strategies that deliver measurable results. Our portfolio includes leading brands in the health care industry who have turned to us for help acquiring, converting and retaining quality customers who will drive sales to their bottom line.

Laser Spine Institute

Laser Spine Institute was headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and had several additional clinics across the U.S. The company was founded as an outpatient surgery center specializing in minimally invasive spinal surgeries for people with back conditions such as spinal stenosis, pinched nerves and sciatica. Laser Spine Institute’s goal was to offer patients an effective, alternative treatment for relief from chronic neck and back pain, without patients having to undergo open neck and back surgery. The company performed over 100,000 surgical procedures.

Lung Health Institute

Lung Health Institute is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and has 4 additional clinics across the U.S. The company is a leader in the field of regenerative medicine for chronic lung disease treatment. While traditional treatment methods for chronic lung disease aim to reduce symptoms, Lung Health Institute’s cellular therapy procedure directly addresses the root cause of lung disease: chronic lung inflammation. Lung Health Institute has treated over 5,900 patients, performed over 8,000 procedures and documented patient data to measure quality of life improvements and other positive outcomes for patients who receive cellular therapy.

Florida Spine and Joint Institute

Florida Spine and Joint Institute is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, and has 15 additional clinics across the state of Florida. The company specializes in providing treatment for spine and joint injuries using the most up-to-date technological and minimally invasive surgical procedures. In addition to spinal and orthopedic surgeries, Florida Spine and Joint Institute also offers interventional pain management and Chiropractic care to manage spine and joint injuries. The company is proud to maintain Joint Commission Accreditation™ as a quality health care provider.


Tanasi is a brand of products owned by GreenWay Herbal Products, LLC and based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The company sells a full line of hemp extract CBD products that were developed using university-backed research in botanical science. Tanasi is partnered with a local university to promote “healthy living rooted in science” by providing high-quality, scientifically validated nutritional supplement products that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The Tanasi university-developed formula was created in 2017 and is currently patent pending.

Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics

Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and has 6 additional locations across the state of Florida. The company provides a treatment alternative to traditional surgical joint replacement and medications for degenerative joint conditions. Their treatment method combines radiofrequency ablation, orthobiologics and physical reconditioning to help reduce joint pain and restore motion to patients with degenerative joint conditions and chronic joint pain. The board-certified physicians at Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics have helped over 1,000 patients who suffer from joint pain and decreased motion.